Why It's Disappointing When Comedians Are Democrats

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I should preface this by saying that all comedians have the ability to see the world as it is, like some of the best ones, so not every “comedian” will fit on this list. A few immediately come to mind. Amy Schumer, Kathy Griffin, Joy Behar, and many more are called “comedians,” but they all lack something that stops them from actually being considered “one of the greats.”

Sit and watch various comedians like George Carlin for a moment, and you’ll notice that they see things differently than you and I, or at the very least, you did think that but didn’t know you saw it that way until it was pointed out. The same can be said of Joan Rivers, Mel Brooks, Dave Chappelle, and Lenny Bruce. It doesn’t even have to be stand-up comedy to notice that certain comedy-based creators are able to interpret things and present them to you in ways you can’t help but understand and/or agree with. “South Park’s” Matt Stone and Trey Parker made an entire career out of it.

Some comedians make their careers by seeing through the veil we as a society put over our own eyes, due to political correctness, bias, or politeness, in order to get to the realness of any given subject. Their work reflects their ability to point out how ridiculous we’re being when it comes to various things we do every day, or point out the flaw in any given narrative, tradition, or person that we didn’t see before. We didn’t notice it, but once these comedians point it out to us with laughter attached, it seems entirely logical.

Shows such as “South Park” do this often. Movies such as “Blazing Saddles” make very serious points in completely non-serious ways. Viewing serious subjects from the perspective of the asinine and ridiculous puts things into a perspective that is rather healthy sometimes. It helps you to see that the subject is, at its core, asinine and ridiculous itself.

It probably wouldn’t surprise you to learn that Stone and Parker are Republicans. They admitted as much not long ago. While they’re equal opportunity offenders, they often highlight the absurdity of political correctness, which some of the greatest comedians have always made a target. Carlin was a master at this.

The reason political correctness was a popular target for comedians was that it was everything that was wrong with society come to a head. Political correctness creates sacred cows in our society, stopping anyone from pointing out their flaws or ridiculous behaviors. This only causes them to be more ridiculous and, too often, push an oppressiveness on the people that causes even more controversy.

The transgender movement in American is a good example of a sacred cow that political correctness created, and now we have stripteases with transgendered people happening in front of kids at libraries, and sometimes even kids performing strip dances for adults themselves.

Black Lives Matter is another example of a sacred cow that many in our society won’t criticize, for fear of the backlash it would cause. The movement was so untouchable that they would burn cities to the ground, and reporters would call them “peaceful.”

Seeing past the world’s politically correct veil does take a slight bit of effort but once it’s done, it’s easier to continue doing.

It’s entirely disappointing when a comedian sees things as they do and then subscribes to the Democrat party’s narratives. What’s worse is that it’s quite commonplace. Mel Brooks just did it today.

I’m not saying that these comedians need to necessarily find their loyalties in the Republican party either, even though it would make a lot more sense. Republicans do have their ridiculousness as well, but it’s wholly eclipsed by the absurdity of the left.

Someone like Brooks should be able to recognize when bulls**t is being thrown his way, as he interprets it as a career. It’s disappointing when comedians, especially ones that are influential in the hearts and minds of the people, in turn, support some of the worst offenders to freedom and free expression on the planet. The very spawn point of political correctness.

While I’ll always respect people like Brooks for his great films and commentary, it will always be heartbreaking to see them fail to see something so obvious as the ridiculousness of the Democrat party.


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