South Park's Matt Stone and Trey Parker to Crowd at Awards Show: "We're Republicans"

“South Park” is one of the most overtly gross, intentionally offensive shows in existence today. It’s also one of the smartest, and most brilliant programs television has ever seen.


Underneath the fart jokes, cuss words, and inappropriate humor, South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker create a surreal world that through the art of satire and comedy rips back the veil society likes to wear and shows its face for what it really is.

The show’s favorite target is those who take themselves far too seriously. More often than not, their targets end up being left-leaning figures or causes. They’ve ripped everyone from Al Gore and Michael Moore, to atheists and social justice warriors.

While Stone and Parker have attacked right-leaning causes from time to time, the veracity with which South Park goes after leftists has generated some serious outrage, especially after they spent nearly their entire 19th season when they went after the politically correct left, sparking anger from social justice warriors the world over.

Stone and Parker rarely talk frankly about their political stances, but when they do, it’s never anything the left likes to hear. During the 2016 elections, the duo made it clear that they weren’t big fans of either Clinton or Trump, but that “we believe in liberty,” and would support Gary Johnson if there was a chance he’d get elected.


But now the South Park creators have opened up a bit more about their politics, and in classic Stone and Parker form, they did so in such a way that it made people uncomfortable.

According to Larry Elder, Stone and Parker were accepting a “freedom” award from Norman Lear’s organization. When they took to the stage to accept the award they dropped the bomb on everyone in the room.

“We’re Republicans,” said the duo the crowd who reportedly laughed nervously.

“No, seriously. We’re Republicans,” they reaffirmed.

It’s not clear whether Stone and Parker were merely trolling the crowd. I wouldn’t put it past them. However, if they are being honest about their voting habits it would absolutely explain a lot. While there is nothing that escapes their lampooning harpooning, it’s the left that receives the majority of their ire.


I’m curious as to how the Hollywood crowd will react to them once this story gets bigger, or if they will do whatever it takes to ignore it. The idea that two comedic icons beloved the world over could possibly vote Republican may be too much for the Hollywood elite to bear.

More important than what we do hear will be what we don’t. Hopefully, South Park will be a show that continues to run despite the revelation that its creators subscribe to the most hated group of people in the first world. However, it might be that South Park is finding a way to go out with a bang, and this revelation is there final middle finger to the elitist culture they’ve bashed so relentlessly.


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