If Biden Wins, Democrat Leaders Are Going to Be Eaten Alive by the New Democrat Party

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Democrat leaders are currently digging their own graves and I think a part of them understands that, they’re just caught on a train they can’t get off of.

It’s clear at this point that the Democrat party isn’t the party it was a decade ago. The leaders that have run it for years planted seeds that have now grown into carnivorous plants demanding they be fed, Seymore.

It’s a party that is emotionally driven, woefully corrupt, and openly bigoted. It does not compromise and it does not forgive. Once you’ve done something to offend this party, it’s game over. For people like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi or Senate Majority leader Chuck Schumer, they’re being lined up for the proverbial guillotine, they just won’t be put into it yet.

At this time, they’re still useful. They’re needed to lead the party into what might be a presidential victory, but if Joe Biden manages to win the election against Donald Trump, the task that protected them will be done and the battles will start. With power firmly in hand, the new Democratic party will begin weeding out its weak links or anyone they consider would fail its test to belong.

According to The Hill, this is already somewhat being recognized. Democrat Sen. Diane Feinstein made the mistake of showing kindness to Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham at the conclusion of the Amy Coney Barrett hearings and her resignation is now being demanded. There are already doubts that Schumer will give the hard-left what they want:

The desire not to work with Republicans was on full display Thursday after Feinstein’s praise of Graham’s leadership, when she expressed hope about working on bipartisan legislation in the future, sparked outrage on the left.

Demand Justice, a group co-founded by Brian Fallon, a former Schumer aide, and other prominent voices on the left, called on Feinstein to step down as the top Democrat on the committee.

NARAL Pro-Choice America on Friday accused Feinstein of lending “credibility” to Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation hearings, which it called “unprecedented, shameful and wrong.”

“As such, we believe the committee needs new leadership,” NARAL President Ilyse Hogue said in a statement.

Senate Democratic aides say they doubt Schumer would move to demote Feinstein after the election if Senate Democrats win the majority, but they acknowledge he will be under some pressure to do so.

Schumer is already hearing calls that his power needs to be distributed and lessened as well:

Schumer could also face calls from Democratic colleagues to share more power throughout the caucus. While he expanded the Democratic leadership team when he took over as Senate minority leader after the 2017 elections, much of what Senate Democrats do is coordinated through his office.

The hard-left sunk their teeth into power and now are hungry for more. To think that the establishment Democrats are going to hold onto it for much longer is a fantasy. Pelosi herself has already had run-ins with the extremists of her party. She’s openly showed contempt for the likes of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Leftist activists have also shouted her down and interrupted her press conferences in the past for not being hard-left enough on various subjects.

Rest assured, these sins against the hard-left are being counted and when the time comes, they will be unleashed upon the establishment Democrats. It wasn’t that long ago that AOC had threatened to punish anyone in the Democratic party who even thought about working with Republicans across the aisle.

At this point, Pelosi and Schumer’s days are numbered, as is likely a whole list of Democrat establishment types that have been there long enough to be soft on Republicans or do something to insult and offend them, which is inevitable due to what insults and offends them changing daily.


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