The Hatred Thrown at Chris Pratt Is Proof of His Importance to America

The Hatred Thrown at Chris Pratt Is Proof of His Importance to America
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Chris Pratt is, once again, getting dragged on social media by people who seem to have nothing better to do than get angry about things. I say “once again” because bashing Pratt seems to be an occurrence that happens once a month. It doesn’t take much to get the internet outrage machine going for Pratt.

The foaming at the mouth over Pratt has everything to do with the Guardians of the Galaxy star being everything the hard-left disapproves of. He openly worships Christ, runs a farm, and lives off the land. He promotes appreciation for our troops and teaches his children to respect and cherish America.

These facts alone make him a target for ridicule, hatred, and cancelation. As I write this, Pratt is trending on Twitter with the floodgates of hatred opened.

They’re currently accusing him of being a white supremacist and a Trump supporter. They’re doing so because the Avengers directors, the Russo brothers, held an Avengers-themed event with many of the Avengers actors in attendance in an attempt to raise money for Democrat candidate Joe Biden.

Pratt was not among them, but he wasn’t the only absent one. Robert Downy Jr. wasn’t there either, but RDJ isn’t telling kids the importance of Christ. Pratt is.

Pratt has never disclosed who he supports but has been on record saying that neither party truly represents him. Still, his absence on a pro-Biden stage is enough for many, but understand, it’s not his enthusiasm for a candidate that they’re mad at. That was just an excuse to attack Pratt again. The real reason is all the reasons I listed above.

According to the hard-left, the Jurassic World star is just too dangerous a person to allow on one of the world’s largest stages. He doesn’t have the proper beliefs and doesn’t support the proper causes. Every second he’s in front of a camera is a second that he might convert someone to his way of thinking or make them consider concepts and ideas that don’t square with the narrative the hard-left has worked so hard to build within Hollywood.

If Hollywood is an ideological bubble then Pratt represents the door out of it and all doors must remain firmly shut, locked, and barricaded.

This is why they hate him.

This is why he needs to find support from regular Americans. I rarely say that a Hollywood actor has any idea of what it is to be a regular American but Pratt is one of the few I can say with confidence actually does. His lifestyle is one of work and value. He understands the virtues that come with not just being handed everything and putting in the time and effort to obtain it.

He isn’t perfect. No man is. Judging from the way his colleagues speak of him, however, it seems to me that he’s a good man who deserves better than what he’s getting.

Pratt has earned respect, not just for being a good man but for being the Hollywood example we’ve all been waiting and asking for. He’s the actor we’ve been waiting for and the one they’ve been dreading would appear.

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