That Garbage NBC Poll Showing Biden up by 14 Points Is Likely Part of a Larger Plan Against Trump

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A new poll released by NBC claims it found that Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden is leading President Donald Trump by a whopping 14 points.


According to NBC News, this is a post-debate poll that has the calm and cool Biden pulling ahead of that dastardly, bloviating Trump for his biggest lead since July:

Biden is now ahead of Trump by 14 points among registered voters, 53 percent to 39 percent — up from his 8-point lead in the previous poll, before the debate.

The 14-point advantage represents Biden’s largest lead in the NBC News/WSJ poll during the entire campaign; his previous high was 11 points in July.

Left out of this article was the fact that they greatly oversampled Democrats in this poll with a nine-point difference, including independents who lean one way or another, but judging by the nature of the polling, it wouldn’t surprise me to learn that they garnered the information from areas that are bluer than Violet Beauregarde post-Wonka factory visit.

This information is left out of almost every report on the poll from other news sites that I came across as well.

The poll is hot garbage and NBC knows it. It’s likely that many of the outlets reporting on it know it too, but they’re going to report this “good news” regardless.

If I polled people outside of a cat convention about whether they preferred cats or dogs, it’s likely that I’m going to come across far more cat people than dog people. I cannot then take the results and declare that all of America likes cats more than our K-9 companions. It’s a lopsided poll that effectively puts dog lovers in a position to be underrepresented.


That’s exactly what NBC did, and I can’t help but think it was on purpose.

Judging by what I’ve seen in the media and political circles by Democrats as of late, this poll’s usefulness will come in handy after the election, not during.

As Hillary Clinton said not long ago, Biden should not concede the election under any circumstances. Judging by the political kerfuffle surrounding the supposed attacks by Trump on our post office while they simultaneously push the easily fraudulent vote-by-mail tactic, it’s not hard to see that they’re setting up to do exactly what Clinton suggested.

Rejecting the election results at all costs can’t just happen in a vacuum. There needs to be “evidence” that Trump’s reelection was illegitimate. With the “attack” on the post-office making it seem like Trump interfered with the vote-by-mail process we have the “how.” Now, with this NBC poll, Democrats have the “why.”

They can now say Biden was so popular and that Trump winning doesn’t make any sense unless he cheated.

Normally, I would say this seems a bit on the tinfoil hat side of things but the fact that Democrats are openly cheering on the idea of rejecting the decision made by the American people makes this idea entirely plausible, if not probable. Democrats have been trying every dirty trick in the book to get Trump out, and purposefully oversampling Democrats in a poll to make it seem like Biden is far more popular than he actually is well-within bounds for the left.


We may see even more polls from various networks doing the same thing in the coming days. You’re going to see a lot of claims that Biden is wildly more popular than Trump with every poll having sampled Democrats by a much larger margin than Republicans. You’ll see it begin the development of a narrative that, once Trump wins, will be the central point of the Democrats’ rejection of the election results.

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