Asking Trump About White Supremacy Was Amateurish and Unnecessary

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President Donald Trump, left, and Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden, right, with moderator Chris Wallace, center, of Fox News during the first presidential debate Tuesday, Sept. 29, 2020, at Case Western University and Cleveland Clinic, in Cleveland, Ohio. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

There wasn’t a lot about last night’s debate that we’ll collectively look back fondly on. The most popular description of the one on two fight that was President Donald Trump vs. Joe Biden and Chris Wallace was “sh*tshow” and it’s a fitting description.

One of the main reasons it was such a crapfest was due to the moderator, Chris Wallace, who seemed to have little to no control over the proceedings from the word “go.” Rest assured, I don’t fully blame him. Wild horses are easier to reign in Trump who seemed to have a very personal vendetta against Biden.

Perhaps not Biden in particular, but his party has certainly earned a decent level of Trump’s ire.

If Wallace wanted to come off as a middle of the road moderator who was being fair to both sides, then he failed miserably. He was clearly sympathizing with Biden very inappropriately for a moderator such as when he and Biden had a moment together about Trump’s interruptions.

When not saying much of anything of consequence, Biden was often flat out lying or even blaming the fallout from Democrat-led actions on Trump just by virtue of the fact that he’s been president while the Democrats did this. That’s like a passenger in a car shooting out the tires of the vehicle he’s riding in and then blaming the driver for the bumpy ride. Wallace didn’t see fit to say anything about that but did find it necessary to debate Trump’s claims from time to time.

But Wallace pushing back on the candidates didn’t bother me. In fact, a little spice goes a long way. What really bothered me was the amateur-hour question that was meant to put Trump on the back foot, and that’s the question Wallace asked him about denying white supremacy and militia groups.

Trump should not have been asked that question for various reasons.

For one, he’s already denounced white supremacy and supremacist groups multiple times before, including last night. Despite his doing this, the question had its desired effect.

Trump is uncharacteristically doing exactly what they ask but because they didn’t like the way they said it they’re going to continue on with the narrative that he’s refusing to denounce white supremacy. Furthermore, we should also note that his “stand back and stand by” phrase toward the Proud Boys was him telling them to “stand down,” which we can easily deduce is what he was trying to say.

Trump could have been more succinct here but would it even have mattered if he was? His answer wouldn’t have mattered. They still would have attempted to throw every claim of white supremacy at him that they could.

The fact is, if Trump is a white supremacist, then he’s the worst one in history.

Under Trump, we’ve seen record low black unemployment. He’s a massive ally to Israel, a target white supremacists hate quite a bit. He’s also organized a peace deal between Israel and Middle Eastern countries. He’s even signed executive legislation to pump billions of dollars into minority neighborhoods. He’s hired a black man to lead the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

This man is no racist or white supremacist. His career proves this. Yet, Wallace put two of the Democrat’s favorite words together.

It’s a move that can be seen as so ridiculous that it can do nothing but make Wallace look like a biased moderator using his position to cast a light on Trump that was unnecessary and unwarranted.

The white supremacy boogieman that haunts almost every Republican is exactly that; a boogieman. The Republican Party isn’t the party of white supremacy and never has been despite the left’s insistence that it is. It’s the party of abolition and civil rights and Trump is continuing the tradition of helping minorities succeed in this country.

At this point, any racist or white supremacist accusations thrown at Republicans are childish and they need to stop.

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