Yes, Antifa Is an Idea but So Is Marxism and Both Destroy All They Touch

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Antifa, a contraction for “anti-fascist,” is a group of people that you’ll find dressed in black hoodies and with faces covered.

Yes, I said “group” because, despite what Democrat candidate Joe Biden said on the debate stage on Tuesday night, Antifa is a physical group that organizes in the shadows and shows themselves at leftist protests. Antifa has a talent of turning protests into riots, and they leave quite a few burned, looted buildings and injured people in their wake.

Biden, however, described them as an “idea.”

It’s funny because many Antifa defenders say that very thing. They don’t describe themselves as an actual group, just an idea that many people unite under…to form a group that goes out and executes what Antifa believes in, which is the systemic collapse of America and violence against anyone who gets in their way.

Antifa has made very overt strides in the past four years. They’ve threatened everyone, regardless of their race, religion, status, or affiliation. They have no regard for any ideology but their own. They’re a shoot first, ask questions later kind of group, but if we’re being honest, they’ll never ask you questions unless they’re trying to interrogate you into submission.

Ya know…like fascists or zealous Marxists. In fact, it’s Marxism that drives Antifa.

Marxism is also an idea, and I don’t think I need to tell my readers how bad Marxism has been for any country that has ever encountered it on an executory level. Vibrant countries have crumbled to mere shadows of their former selves, millions have died, and every dictator has lived large while his people starved and died of diseases.

Marxism is proof that an idea can also be incredibly dangerous and hazardous to the future of a country.

Right now, Biden is defending a domestic terrorist group by insisting they’re just an “idea,” but something being an idea is no defense at all. The idea of Antifa has burned cities and destroyed lives, just as its Marxist ideology has done for generations.

And that’s the real wizard behind the curtain.

While it was a smart move to ask Biden to denounce Antifa, what he really should have been asked to do was completely denounce the idea of Marxism, which has infested this country at various levels and infected many young Americans with the idea that this time, for some reason, it’ll actually work.

It won’t work. It’s never worked. More importantly, it can’t work. Human nature won’t allow it.

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If we really want to get a good look at where Biden, and more importantly, the Democrat party stands in who it actually serves, then Biden needs to be grilled about his stance on Marxism. If he fails to answer the question or seems to want to tiptoe around it, then we’ll know for certain that his intentions aren’t the best for America, but are, in fact, to harm it.

If not his, then the people who are going to handle the job for him, since he’s clearly not capable of doing it himself.

The idea of Marxism hates the idea of America. Freedom can’t exist in a Marxist society, and its supporters here in America are very open about their intentions to destroy our current system, dismantle our Constitution, and establish Communist rule.

If Biden won’t distance himself from Marxism out of fear that it will upset too many in his party, then his party doesn’t need to be anywhere near positions of power in America.

At this time, the Marxists’ biggest weakness is their pride. They love being seen as supporting Marxism, because they believe that supporting Marxism is the same as being non-racist, non-sexist, and all the other angelic goodness they believe comes with being a social justice adherent.

The left is full of bad ideas, and Antifa and Marxism are two of them. Biden needs to answer for them both.


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