New Hilarious Video Shows Every Election Ad Ever

Screenshot of Reason's satire on political ads.


There are very few political ads you probably remember and there’s a reason for that. When it comes to creativity for these things, you won’t find many that break a certain mold.


They primarily look the same and kind of run together. It’s usually a baritone voice talking softly yet confidently about the candidate whose vision for the future is, according to the commercial, going to make America a better, safer, jobier place. The candidate is usually played in smooth slow motion with soft lighting as he talks to workers. Bright transitions like the rising of the morning sun intercut footage of him staring off stoicly into the distance.

In the same ad, that same voice will change to a deeper tone and become a bit harsher. Instead of the soft, colorful lighting, the opposition candidate will be put in black and white as it slows down even further to the point of becoming choppy. That candidate is bad. Bad, bad. The ad makes it so by subtly changing the music to a more busy and intense tone.

Don’t worry, though, because the candidate you should support is back with another bright transition, more hopeful music, and colors. Vote for that guy, and by the way, he approves this message. He says so as a picture of him looking stoic or happy plays on your screen.


It’s every election ad ever.

Reason’s resident comedians, Austin Bragg and Remy, are back with a new video to show you a pretty accurate representation of what every single commercial has looked like since these things were a thing.


The weird thing about thes commercials is that it’s not subtle at all about its attempt to manipulate you into having a feeling about a certain candidate. The feeling, not the info, seems to be worth a lot more in the long run for many candidates.

As it is, so long as they continue to work, it’s unlikely these things will change much.


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