Tucker Carlson Shows You the Disgusting Way Black Lives Matter and Democrats React to Police Shootings

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Tucker Carlson

It’s hard to watch, but Tucker Carlson’s opening monologue from Monday needs to be watched the world over.

The Fox News dedicated the beginning of his show to showing you something that happened to two LA County Sheriff’s deputies in Compton, California. Surveillance footage shows a man walking up to a police unit that two deputies were sitting in and opening fire. Both deputies were hit in the head, one through the jaw, and the other was fortunate to have deflected the bullet off his skull.


Miraculously, they both survived and are in stable condition.

A manhunt is underway for the shooter with a host of law enforcement converging on this one case. It’s unlikely that the shooter will escape justice, and when he does, it will be a good ending to a horrible story.

The problem is that while that part of the story will end well with the officers surviving and the criminal responsible facing a lifetime in prison, the rest of the story sits between tragic and enraging.

Carlson doesn’t just show you the plight of the officers, he shows you the reaction to it by Democrats and Black Lives Matter supporters, and if you were hoping they would be even a little sympathetic, your hopes are going to be dashed.

They weren’t just uncaring, they were celebratory.

Carlson shows you footage of the reaction to the shooting. Even as the officers were bleeding out, people in Compton were filming with their phones and actually laughing at the officers suffering in front of them.

Later on, people gathered in front of the hospital where the officers were being treated and taunted the officers, shouting that they hope they die and “f**k the police.”

It didn’t just stop at random people on the street either. Carlson goes on to show you just how Democrat leaders and the activists they respect reacted to this as well. BLM activist Kevin Wharton Price called the slaying of the officers whom he referred to as “oppressors” as “the start of retribution” when he considers a “very good start.”


If Price was just an extremist with no support we could easily write him off but he’s not. LA Democrats consider him a “community leader” and the LA Times reported that he’s met with LA Mayor Eric Garcetti and his group several times to consult about “cultural competency.”

It doesn’t stop there. In the city of Lynwood, where the officers are hospitalized, the city manager Jose Ometeotl posted a graphic after the news about the shooting broke of Malcolm X with the phrase “chickens come home to roost” on it.

Ometeotl has now made his account private after the backlash he deservedly received overwhelmed him.

As of this writing, Lyndwood city council hasn’t condemned the remarks.

Watch Carlson’s report below.

It’s important to see this because it highlights the overt hatred the left has, not just for police, but for our society. To actually celebrate the shooting of police officers and even claiming minorities are the true victims in order to justify this senseless violence is just part of the bad ingredients that make up the Democrat party’s platform.


There is no excuse for this. Not one.

With the backing of Democrats, Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and other activists have torn American neighborhoods to shreds, killed innocent people, and ruined the lives everyone they’ve come across. They pat themselves on the back for being the party of “social justice” and “equality” as they burn, loot, and attack.

This is extremism, pure and simple, and the Democrat party has signed off on it.

Vote accordingly.


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