The Age of the Confused Pearl Clutch

Pearl clutching has its uses but it becomes a major issue when too many pearls get clutched.

It used to be people would get upset about violence on television, rap lyrics, and video games with the latter still being a thing many people blame for the problems in our society. To be clear, grown men and women should be able to enjoy what they will but the issue comes in when the pearl-clutching goes well into absurd territory.

What’s more, it becomes absurd when the things people are getting upset over become wildly out of balance with what they should be upset over.

Take, for instance, the suspension of a 7th-grade kid over the fact that he had a toy gun in his home. As my colleague Alex Parker reported, this happened to a child in El Paso who was streaming in for his classes and a toy gun was flashed across the screen by the child. This resulted in the child’s suspension from class for a week.

As Parker reported, this flashing of a toy gun was, according to the clutchers, a direct threat to the other children, and police showed up to the child’s home:

The discipline was “reportedly consistent with threatening classmates, even though Elliott was in a virtual environment and not in the same classroom as his peers where a ‘threat’ of violence might be more meaningful.”

The crackerjack crew at the school wasn’t taking any chances: The principal went the extra mile of contacting the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office — to conduct a “welfare check” on Isaiah’s family.

Got that? If your kid has a toy gun, you’re subject to a visit from the cops.

This is absolutely stupid.

I wouldn’t even dare argue that the child shouldn’t have flashed the gun in a classroom setting. It was a toy gun. There was a time when real guns were displayed on the back windshields of student’s trucks in high school and no one batted an eye.


Because back then, school shootings weren’t exactly a problem. They are today, but it just goes to show that it’s not the gun, it’s the environment. Something is definitely wrong with the kids in America today but the problem doesn’t originate with the gun. It definitely doesn’t originate from a toy gun.

Sending police to the kid’s house and telling him he can’t come to school for a while is a major overreaction that doesn’t guarantee safety so much as it promotes the idea of fear.

On the flip side, let’s see what’s not being pearl clutched over, at least by the same people who pearl clutch over the kid with the toy gun.

Today, if you log onto social media, you’ll likely see a lot of people talking about the Netflix movie “Cuties.” If you want more detail about the movie, feel free to click the link below.

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Too many people are defending this pile of trash and it’s hard to understand why. Eliminating pedophilia where we find it is becoming a political issue as it worms its way further and further into the social justice column.

You would think that this would be a no-brainer but it isn’t. There are very real lines being drawn around this movie, and those who are against it are already being labeled as “far-right.”

There’s a definite illness happening right now in our nation. The firearm, the very object we have a right to own, has become taboo while pedophilic movies and art continue to creep further and further into our mainstream culture.

Children are being taught that guns are a horrible thing they should never interact with or be around but that sexualizing themselves is a good thing.

It’s infuriating and it’s getting to a point where we need to start drawing very real battle lines.