The Mainstream Media Has Divorced Itself From Western Culture

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The mainstream media has lost its soul.

There are two cultures. There’s the culture that the west truly is. It’s a culture that contains values, morals, and traditions that have been developed over the course of generations. Our forefathers and mothers learned what did and didn’t work and created the society that we in the west know today, an advanced and advancing civilization that has come so far from the hunter-gatherer nomadic lifestyle we began with.


Then there’s the mainstream culture. I use the term “mainstream” here to describe what appears commonly on our screens or radio airwaves.

The latter used to be a reflection of the former, but a few things have now arisen that shows me that the two have nothing to do with each other anymore.

I could point to the mainstream media coverage of news events but I’ve done that to death. You and I both know it by now and you are likely as disgusted and done with it as I am…or at least would like to be.

Instead, I want to direct your attention to a few things I’ve seen recently that really highlighted for me just how outside of reality those in our entertainment industry are.

You would think that with the Jeffrey Epstein cases still on the forefront of everyone’s mind, the pedophilic elitists in the entertainment industry would lay low. That doesn’t seem to be the case, however. As I write this they’re currently embroiled in the controversy around the movie known as “Cuties.”

According to descriptions, “Cuties” is about a Muslim girl who becomes fascinated with a twerking dance crew and goes through hardships to join them, fighting through her stuffy culture in order to live out her dream. By itself, this would be worth an eye-roll at best. What makes it horrible is that the girls in the movie are only 14.


What makes it worse, is the things they get up to in the movie that aren’t shown in the trailer.

Here’s the trailer below.

The cover art for the movie is full of the sexualization of underage girls. One has them posing in provocative positions.

As of this writing, the western world has expressed its disapproval. This particular trailer on YouTube has over 1.6 mllion thumbs down. Commenters calling Netflix out for its blatant pedophilia.

“Netflix presents, Pedophile: the movie. Can I ask for the imprisonment of everyone involved please,” said one commenter. 

“I can’t fathom how there was a whole group of people agreeing to this. What kind of parents thinks it’s ok to let their kids do this? Everything from the title to the outfits, to the vibe, is repulsive. REPORT THIS,” wrote another.

“Imagine how many people had to “ok” this? What the hell is going on,” wrote another.

“If this isn’t proof of them trying to normalize pedophilia I don’t know what is,” wrote another.


Many of the comments ask the same questions but these are questions that need to be asked.

This film went through a series of nods. Someone okay’d the script and sent it into production, people were there to okay the filming process and choreography. The final product was approved by a committee and Netflix corporate gave it the approval to be shown on their streaming platform.

Did no one stop to question if this was even okay? Did no one stop and notice that they were sexualizing children?

We often say that pedophilia is being normalized by those in the mainstream culture and that’s undeniable. This is just the latest attempt at doing so.

Our culture in general is repulsed by this as it should be. So how is it that the creators of our pop-culture have divorced themselves from what is clearly right? How is it that leftist reporters from mainstream publications are mounting a defense of this film?

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This is what it looks like when the bubble around the creative community is as thick as it is. It’s been compromised and infected with deviants. While I don’t expect the art community to never push cultural boundaries, I do expect that there are some boundaries that just don’t get pushed. The sexualization of children is chief among them.


Many people say that they need to boycott the mainstream media and anything they create. I disagree. It still allows them to do what they want.

They need to be ousted, some arrested, and many replaced with artists who have some semblance of right and wrong. The bubble needs to be busted and a light shone on the darkest parts where films like the one featured above come from.

This is unacceptable. This isn’t a question of being prudish or some kind of pearl-clutching Christian fundamentalist. This is pedophilia and it needs to be eradicated immediately.


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