Ted Cruz Evokes Rage from the Left for Simply Stating Pregnancy Isn't a Deadly Illness

AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana

According to the left, pregnancy is a deadly illness and the only cure is an abortion, but Ted Cruz and a host of Republican Senators all disagree with that sentiment wholeheartedly. So much, in fact, that they moved for the FDA to label the abortion pill as an “imminent hazard to the public health.”

“Pregnancy is not a life-threatening illness, and the abortion pill does not cure or prevent any disease,” tweeted Cruz. “Make no mistake, Mifeprex is a dangerous pill. That’s why 20 of my Republican colleagues and I are urging  [the FDA] to classify it as such.”

According to National Review Online, the letter sent by the GOP senators to the FDA applauded the department for attempting to enforce safety protocols around the pill commonly known as RU-486 or Mifeprex. The senators make it clear that approval for the bill was rushed through by then-President Bill Clinton who put political pressure on the FDA to do so at the time:

“We believe that this rogue judicial activism is a gross breach of the separation of powers, undermining the FDA’s statutory authority to ensure drug safety, while recklessly endangering American women and children,” the senators state, calling it an “opportunistic ploy to expand access to abortion under the fallacy that the REMS imposes an undue burden on women’s rights.”

The letter also notes that President Bill Clinton’s administration rushed the abortion pill through the FDA approval process under political pressure, saying it is “nakedly obvious that the abortion industry and its allies in the media, billionaire philanthropic circles, and special interest groups, have wanted an unregulated and demedicalized abortion pill since the moment the FDA first approved it in 2000.”

“We believe this deadly pill should never have been approved, yet the abortion industry was politically rewarded with an accelerated approval process normally reserved for high-risk drugs that address life-threatening illnesses like AIDS,” the senators write. “As you are surely aware, pregnancy is not a life-threatening illness, and the abortion pill does not cure or prevent any disease.”

The letter concludes by pointing out Mifeprex poses a higher risk of complication than surgical abortion in the beginning of pregnancy with five to seven percent of women requiring follow-up surgical abortions after taking it according to NRO.

This entire thing caused Cruz to trend on Twitter as the left attacked him mercilessly over his words about both the pill and pregnancy.

According to The Federalist, the dangers of Mifiprex can’t be ignored as one such story tells us:

The normal side-effects of this abortion pill range from serious to deadly. Heavy bleeding can turn into hemorrhaging, which can be fatal. A woman can also retain parts of her baby or placenta after the abortion process, causing serious or fatal infections.

Holly Patterson had just turned 18 when she took Mifeprex. Four days into her abortion process, Holly called the abortion facility that administered the drugs, complaining of severe pain. She was told to take a painkiller and go to the emergency department if her symptoms worsened — and they did.

At the emergency department, doctors gave her narcotic pain medication and sent her home, where her pain continued. Seven days into the abortion process, Holly went back to the hospital, where she died of Clostridium sordellii toxic shock syndrome.

The pill is clearly dangerous, but acquiring it is easy. You can get it over the phone without a doctor even looking you over to see how far along you are in your pregnancy. Cruz and the GOP senators are right to voice their concerns about it and seek its elimination from the market. Regardless of your stance on abortion, a dangerous pill is a dangerous pill.

Furthermore, if pregnancy is the deadly illness the pro-abortion crowd says it is, then how come our mothers aren’t all dead? Complications do arise, and yes, fatalities do happen, but they’re rare and getting rarer all the time. In fact, according to the United Nations Population Fund, many countries have cut their maternal death rate in half in just the past ten years.

Pregnancy is not a killer. In fact, it’s the opposite. It’s the avenue through the creation of life. Abortionists are really reaching to try to convince us otherwise.

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