For the Left There are No Victims But Themselves

Democratic National Convention via AP

Leftists have no shame when it comes to the hypocrisy they have in regard to victimization.

Just today we watched as Nancy Pelosi demanded an apology from the salon owner for getting caught not only violating her own professed virtue about wearing masks but being in a salon getting a blowout at a time when the average American can’t even show up to a relative’s funeral or visit them in the hospital. While salons must stay shut down, Pelosi can open one up for her own personal use.

According to Pelosi, she’s the victim in this situation because she was “set up.”

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On Twitter, New York Times economist Paul Krugman and CNN political analyst Josh Campbell apparently stepped outside in their respective cities and noted that despite all the burning, looting, and even killing that’s going on blocks away, everything is sunshine and rainbows. What riots, destruction, and mayhem?

Apparently, if a leftist isn’t experiencing pain and suffering then there is no pain and suffering. This is a complete erasure of those who have experienced the worst the left has had to offer, and the attempt to make it seem as if the left isn’t responsible for any of the collapse of our civilization that is ongoing as of this writing is completely malicious.

The left trades in victimization. The more oppressed and marginalized you are, the higher up on the leftist pecking order you get to be. The left covets victimization as if their lives depend on it, and in some cases, at least their livelihoods do.

The left can only be victims, they can’t victimize according to them.

This is why you see the left turning a major blind eye to the destruction and violence currently ongoing in various parts of America, or when they do deem to acknowledge it, blame it on President Donald Trump, the guy trying to offer help to stop it.

This why the left paints the people executing right-leaning people in the streets as the victims despite the fact that their heinous crimes can’t be considered anything but heinous. This is why those who are burning down buildings and looting businesses are called “peaceful.”

This is why Kyle Rittenhouse is considered a white supremacist murder despite the fact that he is clearly on video firing his weapon in self-defense while they label the people he shot as victims despite one of them being a pedophile.

If the left victimizes people then that means they’re wrong. Pelosi helps victimize entire states by directing her party to lockdown the states they’re in charge of while she goes and enjoys the luxuries she denies everyone else. Yet Pelosi can’t be wrong. She’s the victim here! So she demands an apology.

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler can’t be wrong despite the fact that he’s facilitated the violent and destructive actions of rioters and Antifa, and so he blames it all on Trump while he defunds his police department.

Krugman and Campbell want you to believe that there’s hardly any victimization is going on and it’s all clear on the western front. You must be crazy if you think it is and all that stuff you see on every working screen around you with the fires and looting, well, that’s just mostly peaceful protesting.

I could go on for days, but you get the point.

We’re all the offenders and democrats, and whoever falls into their voting bloc, are all victims. We need to adjust our behavior so that we no longer victimize them and their voters, which means giving deference to them at every opportunity.

It’s a slimy ideology.