Hilarious Video Shows Us What the Media Would Go Through If Biden Actually Won

Ryan Long Media Skit

What would happen to the media if Democrat nominee Joe Biden actually won?

Most likely it’d be the best day of their collective lives…but also its worst. The media has done nothing but hate President Donald Trump for half a decade and with the elections right around the corner, there’s a chance β€” albeit a slim one β€” that the man they hate more than anyone in the universe will finally be removed from the office they drool over every single day.


At this point, writing anti-Trump articles and making anti-Trump reports composes the vast majority of what the media gets up to nowadays. If Trump suddenly disappears what will the media do? How will they fare?

Probably not well.

Comedian Ryan Long is quickly becoming a household name. No one makes fun of the left better than he does with maybe the exception of the Babylon Bee.

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In his latest video, Long and his fellow actors portray an editorial room now faced with the prospect of writing articles in a world where there is no President Trump. The initial joy of Biden’s victory quickly wears off as they attempt to come up with something, anything, to write about.

Frustration immediately sets in, followed by panic. Before you know it, they’re wishing they had their favorite punching bag back.

“I’m 2o-something and I hate Trump. That’s all I know!” says one of the journos.

“I don’t remember life BT,” says another, meaning “Before Trump.”

As hilarious as this is, it’s likely that this may well come true. Without Trump to drive the clicks, it’s unclear what leftists sites from HuffPo to CNN will actually talk about. For months, CNN relied on the Russian conspiracy to drive eyeballs to its channel, and then once that was over, viewership collapsed.


Regardless, many people have so tuned out of many channels and stopped clicking on so many websites due to the unmitigated Trump hate that is constantly streamed across screens on a minute-to-minute basis. Websites once considered leftist powerhouses have withered to nothing.

Without Trump even making them remotely interesting, it’s unclear how they’ll survive.


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