Why Maximo Alvarez's Speech Was the Most Important of Monday Night's RNC

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Maximo Alvarez speaks at the 2020 RNC convention

It usually takes a lot to move me but last night during the Republican National Convention, one immigrant who had experienced the worst humanity has to offer in these times and escaped.


Maximo Alvarez didn’t just get up there to talk about how great President Donald Trump is or how bad the Democrats are. Alvarez told a story that we desperately needed to hear.

As my colleague Nick Arama covered on Tuesday, Alvarez stunned viewers with eloquence and storytelling that enraptured those listening and made it clear this is experience with communism that needs to be heard and understood.

Arama put Alvarez’s presence in the lineup well:

Unlike the Democrats, the Republicans are making a Wuhan coronavirus restricted convention work by not flooding it with Hollywood celebrities or radical activists. They’re making it work with real Americans with real American stories, stories that touch the heart, tell us why America is great and why we need to protect it to preserve that last best hope on Earth.

People like Maximo Alvarez. We’ve written about him before, but perhaps no one is more important to listen to now in America than someone like Alvarez, who has endured the horrors of Communism in Cuba, and fled that country for freedom in the United States.

The sad fact is that despite the advancements and plenty that our capitalist constitutional republic has provided, communism and socialism has never been more popular. As I write this, the group Black Lives Matter, a group founded by Marxists with the open intent to do away with our current system, is the most popular group in America. They are backed up and supported by Antifa, an openly communist group that resorts to violence and intimidation in order to push their agenda.


(You’re Being Duped: Black Lives Matter Founder Admits “We are Trained Marxists” In Resurfaced Video)

These groups have allies in Washington in the form of open socialists such as New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar. The violence of Black Lives Matter and Antifa are cheered on and encouraged by Rep. Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts.

That’s all without including the endless reports here on this site about the media’s support for all of these groups and politicians pushing these agendas.

Through all of that noise, Alvarez is a voice like something that shakes a sleeper awake from a dream. He’s seen what happens when these people have their way, know very well the tactics they used to obtain power, and what happens to people like you and me whenever that power is firmly established.

Alvarez makes it clear that America is the land we’ve all been seeking. We’ve been here all along. The liars telling you that we live in a country of racism, bigotry, and inequality are snake oil salesmen.

You’re hearing a lot of noise in the media, from politicians, from activists, and celebrities. All of these things that you’re hearing are make-believe words meant to make you see a fantasy world that isn’t there. The words are insubstantial. Alvarez’s are real, filled with real experience. Experiences that are filled with pain and loss thanks to the systems being proposed by people who don’t know what Alvarez does.


Alvarez was the most important speaker last night because his words are the antithesis to every underlying thing the left and the Democrat party stand for. His very existence is the announcement that the emperor has no clothes. His words should be played on every working screen or speaker that can be used because if his message gets through, the leftists will be left weaponless.

Alvarez’s past may help save our future, but it’s imperative that his testimony reaches the ears of every person in America. Share his video wherever you can.


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