2020 Has Seen the Largest Surge of Gun Ownership In History

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People wait in a line to enter a gun store in Culver City, Calif., Sunday, March 15, 2020. Coronavirus concerns have led to consumer panic buying of grocery staples, and now gun stores are seeing a similar run on weapons and ammunition as panic intensifies. (AP Photo/Ringo H.W. Chiu)

It’s the year of the gun.

There’s no denying that it’s a tumultuous time in America and such times require a measure of protection that authorities are demonstrating they can’t provide. As such, Americans of all stripes are falling back on a level of independence and a right that many thought we needed to do away with until now.

National Review went through numbers provided by various organizations that shows an astounding number of guns were purchased over the course of this year:

Using the FBI’s National Instant Background Check System, National Shooting Sports Foundation, a firearm trade association, estimates that there were over 12 million guns bought in the first seven months of 2020 — up more than 70 percent over the same time span in 2019. This number is likely to include nearly 5 million first-time gun owners so far this year. That is probably the biggest surge in gun ownership in American history. It’s worth noting, too, that the number would likely be higher if gun shops hadn’t been trying to keep up with demand for months.

Keep in mind that the year isn’t even done yet. By the time 2020 is done, we’ll likely see an amazing number of firearms purchased from the general public that will set records that will last a while.

This surge in gun ownership is likely driven by two issues. One is obviously the riots that police have neither the resources nor personnel to handle. We’re watching rioters belonging to Antifa and Black Lives Matter accost innocent people and destroy property indiscriminately. This is only telling Americans that their best bet is themselves, and we’re now seeing a buy-up of firearms out of necessity.


The other is the fact that it’s an election season and the threat of a Democrat taking over has made those who wish to own a gun believe that it’s now or never. Democrats have been awfully quiet on the issue of gun control during this election season and it’s likely because they’re looking at the same numbers we are. Telling us that we need gun control during a time when you very likely may be attacked would give the populace the feeling that they really do want you eaten by the wolves.

So Democrats have left the issue on the floor…for now.

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Many groups have participated in the rise, including the black community. Business Insider reported that the National African American Gun Association (NAGAA) had a 2,000 member sign up in just 36 hours after the death of George Floyd. They aren’t the only group as well according to Insider:

Damon Finch, the president of the all-black Hudson Valley Nubian Gun Club in New York, told Business Insider that numbers have “doubled or tripled” almost every time the group holds weekly meetings.

“I think there’s still a big fear of leaving the house for so many people in this pandemic, so I believe, if we didn’t have the social distancing challenges, the numbers would be even higher,” Finch said.

Members range from law enforcement officers to postal workers and stay-at-home moms. While the club is focused primarily on the Black community, its website says that it “gladly welcomes people from all walks of life.”

Finch also said that there was a significant amount of interest coming specifically from Black women.

“Many of the women I spoke to told me their husbands had guns and knew how to use them, but they didn’t. They also wanted to learn,” Finch said.


This is a positive trend. The black community has every reason to buy firearms and not for the reason Black Lives Matter would tell them, but because Black Lives Matter itself. Riots bearing the Black Lives Matter brand have been tearing apart black neighborhoods first and foremost, and many in the black community are looking to protect themselves and their property.

While some states and cities make gun ownership harder than others, the surge in gun ownership is going to make picking up the gun issue, or even keeping it, a much harder task for Democrats. With so many people becoming educated about firearms and their right to bear them, the left will have an uphill battle in the coming years if it wants to continue to try to ban or restrict them.


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