New Video Shows You Why Kamala Harris Was the Worst Possible Pick for Biden's VP

Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris was a bad idea from even before the word “go.”

Of all the options the Democrats had to pick for Joe Biden’s VP candidate, Kamala Harris was probably one of the worst choices they could have made.


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Here is someone with a bad history, low approval ratings, horrible chemistry with her boss thanks to openly believing he is a sexual predator and who probably jumps every time she hears the name “Tulsi.”

My latest video explains why Harris is an anchor around the DNC’s neck and why she amounts to nothing more than a useful choice for social justice obsessed Democrats to make themselves feel better. Give it a watch, a thumbs up, click subscribe and then tell me how sultry my voice is in the comments.

Or don’t. You’re an adult. Do whatever you want…just don’t vote for a toy.

You can see the rest of my videos here.


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