You Can Be Angry All You Want, but I'm Still Going to Go Out

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My Twitter feed has been filthy with angry leftists over the last few hours. What did I do?

I relayed that people taking personal responsibility for what they do in spite of the risks these things may pose to themselves. This shouldn’t be a controversial statement, but it is 2020 and our population is infested with so many tongues ready to lick boots that individualism and personal responsibility are words that induce acute tantrumitis.

It started with this tweet that I posted below about Jerry Jones announcing that AT&T stadium was open for business and that I subsequently turned into an article.

“Jerry Jones is treating his players and fans like grown-ups and allowing them to choose what they want to do,” I tweeted.

Click on this tweet and you will see the angry responses that I received, primarily from Twitter denizens on the left. I won’t waste space posting them here.

Suffice to say, I’m a bit disappointed with the amount of angry fear that has infected our population. People are willing to angrily lash out over your personal decisions as if it affects them. In the case of the Coronavirus, they have a point, but a minor one. The survival rate of the virus is around 99.6 percent and that number may be even higher given the shady way in which COVID-19 deaths were recorded.

If we weren’t in an election year, I would imagine Democrats would be just as gung-ho about everyone getting back to their lives as Republicans. They were, after all, telling everyone to get out there and enjoy life before the sudden turnaround.

A smart person can look at this number, see those who die from it and conclude that the risk of contracting COVID-19 is worth it. I have as have many other Americans. I go out to restaurants, attend comedy clubs, go to the store regularly, and workout at the gym…and I’m never alone. Thousands and thousands of Americans are doing the exact same wherever I go. As I write this, my neighbors are even talking to each other outside with no masks and without social distancing.

They understand and accept the risks.

You can make the argument that this is the reason America still has the virus, but other countries had more rigid lockdowns than ours and they’re no better off. In fact, Sweden, which didn’t have a lockdown, is doing better than most other countries.

People who decide that they want to brave the virus aren’t doing so because they’re stupid as many would imply, it’s because there’s a certain level of risk they’re willing to deal with for themselves. To say they’re putting others in danger, and thus they must be locked down, is tyrannical and, frankly, ineffectual. You’re more likely to get infected in the home than anywhere else.

I want to reiterate that those who need to be protected should be protected and we should do what’s necessary to help them, but not at the cost everyone else’s life. Living like this isn’t living.

But I say all this because I want to make one point very clear.

As I write this I’m still getting a deluge of hate on Twitter…and nothing is changing. It’s still a sunny day outside in my quiet neighborhood outside of Dallas, and it’s brightening my office where my fan is humming above me. The Midnight is playing on my computer speakers on low as my dog sits at my feet under my desk.

Later on, I’ll take him to our neighborhood trail where we’ll toss the ball around possibly talk to neighbors without wearing masks. I’ll probably end up going to the local grocery store in order to see if I can’t find some of my favorite rice so I can cook one of my favorite meals tonight. Later this weekend, we’ll probably go to a friend’s house for a pool party.

All the angry tantrum-throwing about people getting out and living life will do absolutely nothing to change that. No matter how much you ridicule and complain, I and many, many Americans are still going to go out and live. It won’t be out of spite or angry revenge, and it won’t be a political statement, it’ll just be people doing what people do.

We’ve measured the risks, taken what precautions we would, and are doing what we should have been doing all along; moving on.

And there’s nothing you or any other angry, panic-stricken would-be tyrants can do about it.



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