Media Interest In Sweden During the Length of the Pandemic Is Exactly What You'd Think It'd Be

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In this Aug. 30, 2018 photo the front side of the Swedish parliament is illuminated in Stockholm, Sweden, Thursday. (AP Photo/Michael Probst)

When it comes to the handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, Sweden should be the gold standard but despite having effectively overcome the virus, our own American media doesn’t talk about them at all.


That wasn’t always the case. There was a time when mainstream media couldn’t stop bashing Sweden for their choice to work toward herd immunity. The country was like the kid they picked on at the playground every day, yet as that kid began to glow up, they wanted to talk about it less and less until it got to a point where our media would just prefer you forget the country existed in the first place.

Doctor, COVID-19, researcher, and creator of Medicine Uncensored, James Todaro, looked into media activity surrounding Sweden and found that initially, the media couldn’t stop beating its favorite punching bag but found its interest mysteriously dropping off as Sweden’s herd immunity approach paid off more and more.

“Look at the Google trend for “Sweden + coronavirus”… Interest peaked in late April when the MSM attacked Sweden as “reckless” for not instituting lockdowns and masks. Now, the MSM has absolutely no interest in talking about Sweden since daily deaths are down to zero,” tweeted Todaro.


Cases have seen a marked decline in the country since June according to Newsweek, making it one of the countries dropping rapidly while Europe sees, once again, sees rising levels of the virus:

The number of new cases per 100,000 people in Sweden reported over the last 14 days since July 29 dropped by 54 percent from the figure reported over 14 days prior to then, according to the latest report Wednesday from the World Health Organization (WHO).

Meanwhile, other parts of Europe have reported large spikes in new cases over the same period, including Spain, France, Germany, Belgium and The Netherlands, which have seen increases between 40 and 200 percent over the last month, according to the latest WHO report Wednesday.

The seven-day rolling average of Sweden’s daily new cases has been dropping consistently since June 29. Its daily case count has been mostly decreasing since June 24, when it reported 1,803 new infections, its largest single-day spike since the outbreak began, according to data compiled by Worldometer.

Visually, you can see the sharp decline in this graph below which shows Sweden’s death per day dropping gradually as herd immunity kicked in.


Sweden’s road to herd immunity hasn’t been sunshine and rainbows. Their death count was larger than some other countries. As my colleague Michael Thau reported, these fatalities were primarily the elderly, with only 4.5 percent under the age of 60. Regardless, Britain’s deaths under 70 were twenty times higher than Sweden’s. Moreover, it’s unlikely that Sweden’s death toll was even as high as reported given the criteria necessary for those who died to be counted as a COVID death just like in America.

In other words, if you die in a car accident while having COVID, it counts as a COVID death.

To recap, Sweden’s approach to herd immunity, not strict lockdown, absolutely works. Its economy has taken little in terms of damage and its populace is safer from the virus than most. Meanwhile, other countries are seeing a marked resurgence in the virus and considering yet another lockdown.

Yet the media would rather you not learn this.


You would think for a bunch of people so concerned about the safety and health of America, the media would jump on this information and announce that we’ve been wrong all along and we need to open things back up and get people out of the home where you’re more likely to catch it.


They aren’t, though. They advocate more lockdowns and applaud politicians that stick to that strategy.

It’s almost as if we’re in an election year and a locked-down economy benefits one side politically.

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