Exposed: The Left Actually Loves Police Brutality as This Video Shows

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Police Brutality

Police brutality is one of those things that the left considers one of society’s gravest sins. As we speak, there’s a movement on in America to defund police departments in order to limit the police brutality experienced by the black community.


Maybe not so shockingly, if police brutality happens in the right situation, the left doesn’t just turn a blind eye, they cheer it on.

A video on Reddit appeared in the “r/justiceserved” subreddit that showed an Australian woman being grasped by the neck by an officer and manhandled. She’s pushed to the ground by a male officer as she’s screaming. A man berates the police as it happens, pointing out that the police are going way overboard.

In any other situation, this would have invited a wave of anti-police rhetoric, lamentations about police brutality, and calls for justice for the girl…but, not this time. They were absolutely good with it and all because this woman wasn’t wearing a mask.

You can see the video below. This is your language warning.

Reddit commenters weren’t just good with it, some of them were overjoyed at the police handling people like this over not wearing a mask.

“Wish my country would enforce masks like this. Maybe then we would not lead the world in covind (sic) deaths,” u/bothellguy86.

“She should be allow to kill whoever she wants with covid that’s her right. Makes me sick watch cops trying to detain people that aren’t following the law!” sarcastically wrote u/urfriendlypedo.

“Wear a f***ing mask. It’s not that hard,” wrote u/Finbacks.


“It’s like making a 6 year old go to bed early,” wrote u/JediLlama666.

“Ughhh. We need some of that energy here in the states,” said u/babymasochistBBW.

Others defended the officer’s hand around the girl’s neck.

“If you could talk, you are not being choke (sic),” wrote u/LankOMG.

“Believe me. If he was choking her, you wouldn’t have heard her talk!” wrote u/fisaco21.

“For someone being choked she seems rather talkative,” wrote u/ginger_idiot2.

A few of the more self-aware commenters noted the sudden shift in standards for police brutality. One user pointed out that Redditors post police brutality videos all day and “freak out about how evil the cops are” but consider this a moment where justice was actually being served. The response to his post shows how willing they are to dismiss their principles if they don’t serve their socio-political purpose.

“Yes, because he wasn’t really choking her. Just restraining her. She was kicking and screaming. And you saw him try to gently roll her over,” wrote u/LieutenantDangler.

“Where is this police brutality?” asked u/Smoothsa420. “He is not choking her but just tying to shut her mouth because she is not waring a mask and she could spit or cough on the officers. It was filmed in Australia where a second wave hit.”


User u/Bennwett was a bit more forward about why it was okay.

“It’s for not listening to the rules of public safety,” wrote the user.

As you can see, what the left considers “brutality” really only falls into that category of the “brutality” being carried out serves their purposes. As some users pointed out in the post, if this were a black individual being treated like this, or if this were happening for a different reason, then the tune they would be singing would be entirely different. The officer in the video would be considered public enemy number one and they’d have delved into who he is, where he lives, and more.

But since this is about enforcing strict lockdown rules revolving around the coronavirus, this kind of action is okay.

It’s never been about police brutality. It’s always about how useful police brutality could be in the moment.


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