Public School Teachers Openly Fear Parents Overhearing the Leftist Brainwashing During Virtual Classroom Sessions

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Chabot Elementary School fourth grade teacher Laura Shield, top rear, listens to students in her class in Oakland, Calif., Monday, March 4, 2019. Thousands of Oakland teachers are back in classrooms after union members voted to approve a contract deal. (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu)

Leftist teachers aren’t happy that you can now hear them programming your child with social justice ideology.

The left owns our public education system due to years of infiltration, coercion, and strong-arming. They’ve apparently become so comfortable and cocky in the position that they’re now openly complaining that you’ll now be able to hear their attempts at brainwashing your children.

Apparently, you being involved in what your child learns bothers these teachers.

The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh screen-capped the tweets of educator and author Matthew R. Kay who has since switched his Twitter account to “protected” after his tweets began to circulate. Kay goes on a multi-tweet rant about how parents can now sit in on virtual classes thanks to rules put in place by districts reacting to COVID-19.

Kay openly hates the idea that his brainwashing on social justice and racial matters can now be overheard by the parents, which violates the “secure barriers” and “what happens here stays here” mentality provided by the physical barriers of actual classrooms.

He goes on to say that while conservative parents are definitely the biggest problem, he’s also concerned about leftist parents who might not see eye to eye with his attempts at guiding his students towards his way of looking at racism and homophobia.

Walsh screen-capped another response where another teacher looked at parents, not as parents, but as “outsiders.” This teacher noted that parent interference is something to “worry about a lot” since her students are tasked with discussing the news but many allegedly stay quiet because of “outsiders” listening in and using their words against them.


Today’s school teachers have become so convinced of their own righteousness that they view the parents as complications they need to get around instead of what they actually are, the parents.

It is up to the parent to raise the children in the way they see fit. If there are certain values that they want to instill in the child then that is their business and theirs alone. The teacher’s job isn’t to teach the student morality or right and wrong, the teacher’s job is to instill a level of knowledge about subjects necessary for the child to function as an adult in our society, i.e. reading, writing, arithmetic, etc.

If the educator of your student views you as an enemy of any kind then that educator does not need to be in charge of educating your child. Your child’s morality should be directly under the control of the parent, not people appointing themselves as such outside of the walls of your home. Those who do attempt to undermine the parents are oftentimes self-absorbed social justice advocates whose moral compass is questionable at the best of times and who often do not have our society’s best interests in mind.

They often instill a sense of fear, hatred, and prejudice in your child while leaving them woefully ignorant on matters that would have been considered basic learning not 30 years ago.


I wrote a much larger and detailed article on how our education system and these “teachers” have become a plague on our families and the education of our youth. You can click on the link below.

(Slaughtering America’s Sacred Cows Part 1: Teachers)

While the Coronavirus has ruined much in our society, the one thing it has done is to expose the lunacy that our education system has become to many parents. Being able to sit in on what our child is learning has allowed us a view into what happens behind the walls at schools and it’s increasingly not pretty.

Many educators use this access to your child as a way to create ideological clones like themselves that will go on to vote just like them or worse, go on to become activists who don black masks that destroy windows and do violence on innocents in the name of justice.


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