The Mainstream Media Is Not Your Friend, It's Theirs

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The media has a side, and you aren’t on it no matter which way you lean.

I’m not sure how many articles my colleagues and I have written about Antifa and Black Lives Matter rioters. At this point, we’ve likely forgotten how many we’ve written due to the daily deluge of domestic terrorist acts and crimes they’ve committed over the years.

At this point, it’s undeniable that Antifa and BLM rioters are nothing short of domestic terrorists. They destroy, loot, intimidate, burn, and do violence upon anyone that remotely displeases them. They do this in the name of bringing down a racist, sexist, corrupt system and instituting Communism, the most corrupt and bigoted system since Nazism.

They should be a group that is denounced at every turn, yet our mainstream media not only defends them, it glorifies them, perhaps even to the point where it’s assisting them.

The Washington Post recently featured an article on Antifa rioters showing off their rioter chic.

The odd thing about this, as Dana Loesch pointed out to me, is that they are all wearing the same gas masks. This indicates one of two things. Either they’re all getting the same gas mask because it’s affordable, and likely getting it from the same place or the Washington Post had that gear there ready for them to wear in the same manner a prop photo booth would.

It’s likely that it’s the latter, given the fact that everything they’re wearing is fresh, shiny, and new. There are no scratches, the leaf blower looks fresh out of the box, and even the makeshift shields look new and shiny.

That means the Washington Post is actively promoting these domestic terrorist idiots as something cool and trendy.

That means that the Washington Post is actually advocating for destruction and violence.

I wanted to bring this up to reiterate a point I’ve made in the past, and it’s one that needs to be widely understood. People look at the media as a service that provides up-to-the-minute news coverage. I’m here to tell you it’s not.

As I’ve written before in more detail, the media is a business with a vested interest in two things, eyeballs, and agendas. The Washington Post, the New York Times, CNN, MSNBC, and even CBS, ABC, and NBC are not providing you with news in the way that America defines it. These aren’t reporters in the classical sense.

These are propagandists who hope something bleeds so they make it lead, and the bigger the action the better. If nothing big is happening they’ll dress up their report to make it seem big, and even sometimes, instigate the problem themselves.

They work to make you watch and while you’re watching, they want you to see their side. Most of America is well aware of this media trick now as polls have indicated, but regardless, it should be known that the media is not your friend one way or another. Even if you find yourself on the left, where the media resides.

Promoting domestic terrorism in any regard is the lowest of the low. These communist rioters don’t differentiate between left vs. right, white vs. black, or recognize any kind of loyalty based on political or social position. Unless you’re one of them, you’re the enemy.

Case in point, BLM rioters showed up by the dozens to assault a black police officer at his home over the weekend. They assaulted an old lady. They may even be using children as shields to stop vehicles when they stop traffic now while they hold cars at gunpoint.

This can’t continue but the media is stoking the flames for both profit and ideological positioning. Antifa is getting bolder and bolder and trumpeting them as fashionable heroes are only going to make this so much worse. As I keep saying, at some point, the bullets are going to start flying with regularity, and these dumb kids who are playing dress-up as revolutionaries are either going to get someone killed or get killed themselves.

The media doesn’t seem to care about this very obvious fact, however. Just as long as you continue to read and watch.


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