Gen Z's View On Feminism May Surprise You

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Gen Z gets a lot of grief for being the baby in the room but for being so young they’re wiser than they’re often given credit for. For instance, according to a new study, half of Gen Z looks at one of western society’s most prevalent social movements as untrustworthy.


According to the Independent, a UK study interviewed kids from the Gen Z age group about feminism and found that half of them don’t trust it as far as they can throw it:

The report found that more young people agree than disagree with the statement that “feminism has gone too far and makes it harder for men to succeed”, with 36 per cent stating their agreement and 35 per cent expressing their opposition.

Among the male respondents, 50 per cent agreed with the statement, while 21 per cent disagreed.

Furthermore, 18 per cent of the young men were found to hold negative views about feminists, while 14 per cent were discovered to view anti-abortion activists in a positive light.

What does this mean?

It means there’s still a lot of work to be done but looking at the landscape that these kids grew up around, feminism has definitely made itself look like an overwhelmingly negative force in our culture. These kids witnessed the results of things such as the #MeToo movement, #TimesUp, etc., all of which began as legitimate methods by which to come forward about your sexual assault but almost immediately devolved into unfair witchhunts.

They watched as celebrities they liked come under fire, sometimes for legitimate reasons, but very often for no good reason at all. They watched as an unsubstantiated claim became as substantial as real evidence. They’ve likely listened to stories of men in college who got kicked out of their schools just because of rumors and not invited back in when it turned out they were innocent after all.


They watched feminist activists on the internet lose it on random people and do silly things that made no sense all while they heard about how horrible men are.

Gen Z was introduced to feminism during its most tyrannical and as such will view it through that lens for the foreseeable future.

That’s a good thing too. Feminism has always been tyrannical, and when given even a little bit of power it will go to great lengths to destroy what and who it can. Many innocent men suffer during times like the #MeToo movement and as some feminists will tell you, the collateral damage it does to innocent men is worth it.

Gen Z is being brought up during a time of immense radicalism. How it affects their view of the world later in life is yet to be seen, but thanks to it seeing these extremes, perhaps there’s hope that they’ll reject it outright.

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