We Can Vote In Person This Election Season and These Videos Prove It

(AP Photo/Matt York)
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Maricopa County elections official Deborah Atkins places a “vote” sign outside a polling station prior to it’s opening, Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2018, in Phoenix. (AP Photo/Matt York)

To vote in person this election season is perfectly fine despite what you may hear.

You’re likely hearing the lamentations from the top of every media mountain about how COVID-19 has us stuck in our respective homes, unable to leave except for the direst of reasons. Otherwise, we’d die and bring the population of America down with us.

Then they celebrate protests and flaunt dancing in the streets.

Like me, you’re probably sick of hearing about how this election must be conducted by mail-in ballots because of the dangers that the virus that has a severely low chance of killing you may kill you. You’re sick of it because the people telling you you can’t do this out of the stark danger it imposes are also blatantly ignoring their own rules and celebrating people of their own political spectrum who do buck the rules.

What do I mean?

Here’s some video that shows the left is perfectly fine with you leaving your home and going to do things that help their cause, or at least act in the name of it.

How about this report from “Now This” which was supposed to flaunt the love the people have of Rep. John Lewis, but accidentally proved that if people can wait in line to pay respects to Lewis, they can also pull the lever.

Don’t forget the protests. Here’s a bunch of people standing in line to block the car of an elderly couple for no reason.

Dancing in the street in celebration of Black Lives Matter? No mask? The left is perfectly fine with that.

Too dangerous to vote, though.

Gathering in large groups in order to chant tired protest slogans while holding up phone lights is fine as well. You go right ahead and forget about social distancing and just have a good time.

Don’t you dare show up on election day to vote for your candidate, though. Just stand close together and chant like good little drones.

Don’t forget to show up to crowd your Democratic leader walking through a town who also put his mask down.

We can only conclude that if they don’t really care then we shouldn’t either, yet they insist that we do.

Maybe busting into a church to yell at Christians with your mask down? That’s also fine. You won’t be arrested for it like someone trying to open their business or attend a funeral.

Maybe you want to cluster together for a good ol’ fashioned flag burnin’. You are cleared to go!

Maybe you want to get a little weirder and scream at cops while you dress like a woman and dance in front of them? Don’t worry, you’ll be celebrated, not arrested. You certainly won’t be told you’re in any danger.

Feel free to get into that cop’s face with no mask on and start yelling. At least you’re not out there protesting that your business is still closed down and your family needs to eat.

Democrats want to pretend we don’t have a choice but to mail-in our ballots but the absolute truth is that we don’t. They obviously don’t see any problem with getting out into the public and clustering together with or without masks.

I’m ready for them to explain why waiting in line to pay respects to John Lewis, even with masks on, is any different from standing in line to vote.

I doubt we’ll get an answer as to why, but the reason why they won’t answer is simple.

The reason is simple. Mail-in voting allows for voter fraud to be pulled off with the greatest of ease. Republican districts can suddenly turn blue and Democrats can control areas they never thought they could. With the largest election in history coming up, Democrats want to put nothing to chance, and if that means carrying out some of the largest voter fraud in history, then why the hell not?



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