Hilarious Video Shows That Woke People and Racists Are Pretty Much Ideological Best Friends

SCREENSHOT Ryan Long YouTube

Racists and Woke People

If you ever thought there are some strange similarities between racists and those who call themselves “woke,” it’s not something you’re just imagining.


They are incredibly similar, almost to the point of being the same.

You’re not the only person to make that observation, either.

Sketch comic Ryan Long uploaded a video to his YouTube channel on Monday that showed that, in reality, racists and woke people are secretly the best of friends. In his video, he personifies both types of guys hanging out with one another in what can only be described as a very intense bromance.

The two characters talk about all the same beliefs they have in common which are, needless to say, incredibly racist. All the while, hilarious b-roll plays of the two characters being uncommonly close to one another in the same way some uncommonly close couples want to make you puke.

Watch the video for yourself.

It’s the kind of satire that we need more of. Behind the comedy lies a pretty obvious truth that isn’t really being discussed.

Both racists and the social justice obsessed want segregated spaces, have a love of racial identitarianism, defining all things through the lens of racial experience, and believe discriminatory practices should not only be legal, but also encouraged.


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The truth is that the beliefs of woke people and racist people are only separated by an imaginary line. Without the media, activists, and politicians constantly drawing that line in the minds of the people with excuses, false-reasoning, falsified data, and repetition of mistruths, it would be patently obvious that today’s social justice is indeed racism.

There is little to no difference. They are the same in almost every way, and as the woke crowd gets braver and braver, it’s becoming clear that the racial animosity has nothing to do with anything but shallow hatreds.


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