The Attack on Terry Crews Is a Wake up Call About Racism and "Black Lives Matter"

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FILE – In this April 10, 2018 file photo, actor Terry Crews appears on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange in New York. Crews and agent Adam Venit have agreed to settle a lawsuit in which Crews alleged Venit groped him at a Hollywood party. Venit’s agency William Morris Endeavor, also named as a defendant, confirmed the deal Thursday in a statement saying the lawsuit would be dismissed. (AP Photo/Richard Drew, File)

The backlash faced by Terry Crews, while incredibly unfortunate, does serve to highlight something that is as plain as day to see if you’re even slightly knowledgable about how left-leaning special interest groups work. The problem is that special interest groups are very good at hiding their true agendas through cooperation with media and politicians.

Unintentionally, Terry Crews ripped off the mask and now everyone can get a good look at what’s really happening in our culture today if they’re pointed to it.

It’s been repeated by many people, including yours truly, that there are two entities known as “Black Lives Matter” in our western culture.

One is the one the majority think they support, which is the idea that no matter the color of your skin, you’re life is of equal importance. As the black community faces a legitimate problem, support to fix the problem is shown through marches in hopes that a solution will appear. I won’t get into the fact that much of this is virtue signaling, especially on behalf of the corporations, but the intentions are good.

Then there’s the “Black Lives Matter” the institution, which is what many are actually supporting despite not knowing they are. As I’ve explained in more detail in the article linked below, this organization is concerned with uprooting western culture through the guise of caring about black lives. Its actions have repeatedly shown that it’s using black people as a means to an end.

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As my colleague Alex Parker reported, Crews made a suggestion that should be considered common sense and virtuous by the actual definition of the word.

“If you are a child of God, you are my brother and sister. I have family of every race, creed and ideology. We must ensure #blacklivesmatter doesn’t morph into #blacklivesbetter,” tweeted Crews.

The message was essentially an agreement with the idea of Black Lives Matter, meaning that we’re all equal and should show respect to one another. This simple tweet rubbed many people the wrong way, though. Looking into the comments, the responses to Crews are a cavalcade of anger and defensiveness. Many labeled him as a white supremacist, or at the very least, someone trying to kiss the boot of white people.

But Crews’ point is a solid one. Many “Black Lives Matter” supporters have gotten to the point where they’ve left behind the idea of equality and have ventured into the realm of “us vs. them.” No longer is it necessary to “educate” white people, it’s now the duty of many to hate them and work toward their destruction.

It’s pure, unrepentant racism that is excused by people claiming that you can only be racist if you have all the societal control, details on what that societal control looks like be damned.

This is a tragic outcome that came around after years of societal programming via pop-culture. Narratives that white people are evil have been reinforced time and again through movies and television.

Sometimes it’s overt, sometimes it’s not. In the Marvel movie “Black Panther,” a white person is referred to as a “colonizer.” It was a throwaway line, but it reinforces the idea that white people today are guilty of taking land that didn’t belong to them hundreds of years ago and that’s just an example from a family movie.

Terry Crews’ tweet warns that the racial tensions in our day are at such dangerous levels that we’re losing sight of the real goal; equality. We’ve let our anger be artificially elevated by sensationalists and activists with political agendas that have more to do with instituting systemic change towards socialism than actually protecting black lives.

As Black Lives Matter founder Patrisse Cullors once admitted during a podcast interview, she and her colleagues are “trained Marxists.”

Terry Crews has his eye on the real prize, but activists and those looking to act on their anger are making it clear that equality isn’t their endgame. There are far more sinister motives working behind the curtain, be it racial supremacy or socialist indoctrination.

As such, it’s now time to push back on the verbiage that activists have been using to take advantage of the people. Saying “All Lives Matter” evokes strong emotions and pushback, but it needs to be said more because the singling out of one race is causing both confusion and division. It seems that this shift in the language we use is already being done.

Watch this amazing video of “All Lives Matter” protesters.

The fight against racism is breeding racism and will continue to worsen until we change up our tactics as a society. Terry Crews has the right idea. Our goal is equality and community but our current path is hatred and segregation.

It’s time to alter course, but more importantly, it’s time to expose the people who don’t want us to as the grifters and racists they are.


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