Calling It Now, Trump Is Going to Win

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President Donald Trump arrives to speak during a tour of Puritan Medical Products medical swab manufacturing facility, Friday, June 5, 2020, in Guilford, Maine. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

It’s common to express or have feelings of doubt for any candidate or incumbent going into a race. In the case of President Donald Trump, there’s been more than a little.

For many American’s, Trump’s leadership has been more or less absent from the frontline. Many would say that he mishandled the Coronavirus response and that when it comes to the Black Lives Matter riots, Trump’s silence on the issue, mixed with his very present and punchy Twitter account filled with all the bomb-throwing one would expect, has made him look incompetent or irresponsible.

It’d be foolish to say that every example isn’t worth its weight. Trump isn’t perfect when it comes to public relations, but to be honest, one of the reasons he was elected was because people were tired of Republican politicians who tried to “get along” with the people who had no intention of getting along with them in the first place. Trump was elected for function, not fashion.

This should definitely be remembered when going into 2020. The media is very loud and protesters are very sensational, and both of them hate Trump with a passion. However, it’d be foolish to assume that these protesters represent the voice of America.

It’s true that when the marches are peaceful you’ll see a sea of people protesting, however, it would be unwise to assume that every person outraged about police brutality, or would like to see reform, is going to suddenly find themselves pulling the lever for Joe Biden. If anyone doesn’t want to live in a police state, it’s Republicans, who voice the evils of big government on the daily.


Looking at the facts, Trump has made direct commentary on today’s events despite claims that he hasn’t. Trump has made it clear that he wants justice for Floyd as well and even moved the FBI to investigate, but Trump will not award him social sainthood like many appear to be doing, especially given Floyd’s horrific history of crimes, including pointing a gun at a pregnant woman’s belly while his friends robbed her. Trump is not willing to make allowances for rioters or people who do hostile takeovers of city blocks to form “autonomous zones.”

Over the past month, we’ve witnessed one extreme example of bad behavior after another from degenerate people with wild ideas about implementing failed systems, street justice, and excuses to riot and loot.

Trump has made it clear that he is opposed to all of that while still supporting the idea of justice for a man he doesn’t even like.

This may be lost on the media, protesters, rioters, and autonomous zone residents, but it’s not lost on the majority of the same American people who took the time to make it clear that the far-left mob is not speaking for them in 2016.

But let’s say they didn’t even like his response to recent events. Okay, fine. Do you know what they do like? Economic success.


I’ve made it very clear that Trump’s economy is tied directly to his chances of reelection. In March of last year, many economists were already calling it for Trump in 2020 simply based on the fact that historically, if a president is presiding over a booming economy, Americans won’t try to fix what isn’t broke.

It was undeniable that Trump’s economy is the strongest there ever was. The press and the Democrats tried everything under the sun to stop Trump’s momentum gains from it by placing the credit for the economy on Obama or dispersing rumors that a recession was coming because Trump didn’t actually know what he was doing.

It didn’t work, but then the Coronavirus came and demolished the economy Trump had helped to build. At that point, it was no longer about how strong the economy was, it was about how fast Trump could restrengthen it. Many Democrats locked down their states tight, mimicking almost dictatorial rule in order to keep the growth of the economy as slow as possible.

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Again, it didn’t work. A resurgence of 2.5 million regained jobs later and the ground is rumbling from the stampede of Trump’s economy rushing back. Even worse news for Democrats is the fact that polls showed Americans had faith in Trump when it came to the economy no matter what they felt about him otherwise.


Let’s take a step back and look at the entire picture for a moment.

We have a country that’s regaining its momentum after a bout with an economy-destroying virus under the guidance of a man who sent our economy into the stratosphere. It’s the first signs of hope you may have felt since before the virus at all.

Then you look on your television and watch people overreact to the murder of a man who they don’t know by burning down stores, brutally beating and killing innocent people, and all while shouting anti-Trump messages with a good deal of slurs mixed in. You watch as they deify the man who was killed despite the fact that he’s clearly not a good guy himself. You watch the press continuously spin stories and lie to you about the peaceful nature of the rioters or how friendly the armed autonomous zone residents are as videos continue to leak out featuring violence, stupidity, and pro-socialist rhetoric.

At no point does any sane or even lightly informed person say “you know what? I think the best way to counter this is by electing people from the party that applauds this kind of behavior.”

Trump’s economy is clearly coming back and he’s clearly opposed to all the insanity going on with the recent protests.


Money says you’re probably choosing Trump for president in 2020.

I want to be clear that I’m not suggesting everyone should relax. Undoubtedly, recent events are going to have people fired up and willing to vote in both directions. Don’t stay home on election day.

But that said, I’m going to go ahead and call it now. Trump is going to win in 2020 because the alternative is everything you see the media celebrate right now, and few people are good with that.


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