Antifa's Camp Is Failing, and They Should Have Seen It Coming

Townhall Media/Julio Rosas
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Antifa’s “autonomous,” “cop free” zone in Seattle, Washington, following the death of George Floyd while in Minneapolis police custody. (Townhall Media/Julio Rosas)

My career as a cultural/political commentator really came into its own around the same time as the Occupy Movement. For those who need a refresher or didn’t get a proper dose of what Occupy really was, far-left people got together to form camps where they could live together in their own mini-societies.

It didn’t work out. They tried living as socialists with all the ideals attached. Free food, support for the homeless, communal-style living, and more. They were going to prove that living their way was going to be a paradise.

It quickly devolved into chaos, disease, and danger. Tents nicknamed “rape tents” were opened to protect women constantly threatened by sexual harassment. As police weren’t present in Occupy camps, there was no protection against them except by those who would volunteer to be the line between sexual assaulters and victims. You could say they policed the problem.

The cooks who provided food for the camps began to grow angry due to working 18-hour shifts to provide for the “freeloaders” who gave nothing back. Instead of providing organic meats, vegetables, etc., they made a mini-protest of their own by serving only the most spartan grub, such as brown rice.

Drug use was rampant as was crime. The camps became an attractive destination for the homeless and mentally ill causing everything from drunks and addicts of every variety to cause everything from resource to housing problems. The camps, so sure that they could live the way they’d been preaching for years, quickly fell apart. Disease and sickness began to spread among occupants.

Soon, for the safety of everyone, police were forced to clear out the camps and send the protesters packing. Occupy had failed.

Fast forward to today, and the same thing is being tried today just with a younger crowd. My colleague Kira made this very clear in a recent post, essentially saying that Antifa and Occupy are one and the same.

“The agents of anarchy haven’t ever disappeared, they’ve only rebranded,” Kira succinctly wrote.

A new Occupy movement, led by Antifa, has opened up its own autonomous zone where police aren’t allowed. Hilariously, the same problems that happened then are already happening now according to my colleague Nick Arama:

Turns out, according to the account of one of the people allegedly on site, the homeless people they let into their ‘free zone’ “took away all the food.” Now, they’re desperate for more “to keep the area operational.”

Food supply issues aren’t all. According to my colleague, Streiff, one of these protesters has already set himself up as a self-appointed keeper of the peace. Expect this guy to become unpopular very quickly, and expect crime to begin running rampant within the camps soon along with all the addicts and freeloaders that come stock with any Occupy-style camp.

This community is failing already and was destined for failure from the get-go. Why?

Dogs who chase cars aren’t particularly sure what to do with them once caught up to. It’s a lot of barking and noise, running fast, and viciousness, but once the car comes to a stop, the dog must now perform his ferocious intent. The problem is that the car is big, made of metal, and despite all the dog’s show of anger and energy, it’s not going to do much to the car.

Antifa is much the same. Here, it’s been able to set up its own little community and, like Occupy, will proceed to put all of its professed beliefs to practice. Like the car, however, human nature is too impervious to the idealistic teeth of Marxism. They aren’t compatible, and not only are resources finite, but you’re also going to have people who believe that they deserve or need more than others. As I’ve previously explained in a video about human nature and socialism, the two can’t coexist.

Antifa’s autonomous zone will naturally collapse until the adults dressed in badges force it to shut down at the behest of its once cooperative left-wing city officials.

It won’t work because it can’t work. Society has found a way to structure itself for the best possible results after hundreds of years of trial and error. While we’re not done fixing and perfecting (we never will be), attempting to revert to failed systems is going to do more harm than good. This has been tried and tried before and it’s never worked out.

This younger generation may have come to believe, like many socialists do, that they could do it better and this time they would succeed, but to that end, I’m going to leave you with this bit of wisdom from Jordan Peterson on people who hold that “I can do it better” mentality.



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