Antifa Gets Chased Out of Suburbia by Suburbanites Who Aren't Having It

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Anti-fascist counter-demonstrators cross the Burnside Bridge across the Willamette River from the west side of the city to the east side in search of the far-right group, the Proud Boys, in Portland, Ore., Saturday, Aug. 17, 2019. Self-described anti-fascists vowed to confront the rally while leaders from the far right urged their followers to turn out in large numbers to protest the arrests of multiple members of right-wing groups in the run-up to the event. Antifa members often cover their faces with masks, making it harder to identify them. (AP Photo/Gillian Flaccus)

A couple days ago I wrote an article that warned Antifa and other rioters that their threat to come to the suburbs won’t play out the way they hope it will. Suburbanites have a lot more on the line since it’s not items and objects in stores anymore, it’s family members.

(READ: A Warning to Rioters and Antifa Members Threatening to Come to the Suburbs)

Sure enough, members of Antifa did show up to a community and sure enough, suburbanites made sure they understood how much of a bad idea that was.

A video has surfaced showing suburbanites surrounding and mobbing members of Antifa who had apparently begun attempting to start problems.

The man filming said they “beat the snot” out of Antifa. It’s hard to make out due to the swarm, but Antifa is quickly routed and forced to retreat with suburbanites walking down on them. The man with the video even had to tell them to stop so that Antifa members could leave safely.

I want to reiterate that rioting in the city and rioting in the suburbs are two completely different things. The city is where people typically go to do business, shop, or enjoy entertainment. The suburbs is where people live. Here, there is no room to play around. They’re far less likely to rely on police for help when many of them can do the job that needs to be done themselves. While I predicted casualties from Antifa attempting to break in and loot homes, these community members united and didn’t even let them get that far.


This should be a warning to anyone looking to riot. If you bring this too close to home, you’re going too suffer consequences. There are children here. Life’s work and livelihoods. This isn’t a safe place to be if your intentions are destructive.


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