Tucker Carlson Looks at the Potential VP Candidates for Biden and It's Not Pretty

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Tucker Carlson, host of “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” poses for photos in a Fox News Channel studio, in New York, Thursday, March 2, 2107. (AP Photo/Richard Drew)

Former VP and current Democratic nominee for 2020, Joe Biden, is anything but a normal candidate, mainly because he’s not really a candidate at all. He’s more of a placeholder. It’s highly likely that in the event of a dark miracle that puts Biden in the White House, we’re likely going to get the ol’ bait and switch and watch as Biden’s VP soon takes over.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson decided it was prudent to look at who may be chosen to be Biden’s VP and made some interesting notes about who is in the running so far. He noted that usually, VP candidates were chosen by campaigns for their boringness whereas Biden’s potential picks are, so far, anything but. They are a crutch to make him seem more interesting than he is, which is not really at all.

“Whomever is chosen will run the government if Biden wins,” said Carlson. “Once his advisors make that decision they’ll call Biden in his basement rec-room and let him know who his running mate is. Biden will practice the name to make sure he can pronounce it, he’ll fiddle with the camera on his iPad and then he’ll tell the world.”

Carlson said that some things are already known about Biden’s VP. For one, it’ll be a woman, and Carlson begins to narrow it down starting with Stacey Abrams. Abrams, Carlson noted, was endorsed by the Washington Post despite being an undistinguished member of the Georgia Senate, a gubernatorial race loser, and a softcore porn author.


The next person in the running is California Senator Kamala Harris who dropped out of the 2020 race after her rise and dramatic fall in popularity. Carlson played a clip of Harris’s moment of accusing Biden of racist acts and noted that even Abrams is smarter than Harris.

Carlson listed a few other candidates on the list. Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer was one, but as Carlson highlighted, her leadership abilities are questionable and her willingness to play the race card is a bit on the ridiculous side.

Carlson covers other women, a few of them complete unknowns, but each of them wholly unqualified to run the country. No matter how you slice it, Biden is running less of a campaign and is more a passenger in his own traveling circus.


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