Is the "Get Woke, Go Broke" Principle Not Having An Effect On Our Culture?

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FILE – In this image released by Sony Pictures, from left, Leslie Jones, Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig and Kate McKinnon from the film, “Ghostbusters.” Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump helped fuel the backlash against Paul Feig’s female-led “Ghostbuster” remake, voicing his disgust for the gender switch on Instagram. (Hopper Stone/Columbia Pictures, Sony via AP, File)

I was cruising around on Reddit (as per the usual) when I came across a question asked by a user on the subreddit r/KotakuInAction. The question was a good one about whether or not the anti-social justice backlash has had any effect on the entertainment industry.

“Why does “go woke go broke” not have an effect? It seems if anything western entertainment is only becoming more woke,” wrote u/EUJourny.

“Despite numerous failures (Ghostbusters, Star Wars Sequel Trilogy, Doctor Who, Birds of Prey, Terminator Dark Fate & many more) it seems SJW’s are only becoming more powerful and infecting more and more of western entertainment,” he continued. “It’s quite sad. I wonder what the solution is? Because it seems they won’t give up and instead this sh*t will continue.”

The question is fair and I’m pretty sure there are a lot of people out there who feel the same. They look out and continuously see SJW takeovers of movies and video games. Countless IPs have been ruined as companies cave and transform into social justice propaganda factories that churn out pure garbage that focuses less on story and character development and more on getting a message across.

But looking at the grand scheme of things, we can see that the resistance to handing money to these social justice fun pirates and speaking out against them is starting to turn the tide. I could point to a few things, such as the reboot of the reboot of Ghostbusters, which wholly pretends that the 2016 all-female movie didn’t happen.

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You also see that Marvel comics, which have been soaked in social justice to the point of absurdity, has now begun leaving several SJW titles off the schedule and while it may not be due to a change of heart by Marvel, money plays a huge part of what does and doesn’t continue.

You also see the culture beginning to shift away from the idolization of the Hollywood elite and the direct confrontation of their elitism. You see Twitter users speaking out against the ridiculous things said and done by celebrities as their movies and self-aggrandizing award shows drop in viewership.

You especially saw the celebration of Ricky Gervais’s dressing down of the Hollywood elite during the Golden Globes and the absolute disregard for social justice exhibited by Dave Chappell. Both received heaps of praise by the general population as social justice elitists had meltdowns.

Social justice activists like game critic Anita Sarkeesian are having a really hard time finding work now, and companies like Naughty Dog are staring down the barrel of a game that people are already choosing not to purchase due to the fact that it’s been exposed to be a preachy social justice propaganda game. Both are two examples of how social justice isn’t lucrative.

And herein lies the main point.

Our mainstream culture has been dominated by social justice for decades. Rooting it out and tossing it to the curb is a long process. You’re not going to see a sudden turnaround from institutions that are infected with social justice to its bones. It’ll be a slow trickle that builds momentum as it goes but rest assured, we will eventually get to a point where the SJW portions of our entertainment media is a fringe part of it. We may never fully get rid of them (and that may be a good thing as we always need examples of just how insane they are) but the time is coming where their domination will subside and we can get back to art and entertainment for the sake of art and entertainment.

It’s definitely already happening. We can see it for ourselves.

Rest assured, the time of the SJW is coming to an end.


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