The Ignorance of Silicon Valley and Its Dangerous Orwellian Byproduct

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Earlier Wednesday I reported on Elon Musk calling for the freeing of America, praising Texas for its leader’s efforts to get the state out of lockdown, and noting that silicon valley should be renamed “sanctimonious valley.”

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I’m ecstatic and somewhat relived over Musk’s comments. Ecstatic because I like Musk and seeing someone in his position openly speak out in favor of freedom and common sense is elating. I’m relieved for a few reasons. For one, I was just shown that not everyone in silicon valley, the place where America’s information flow is truly controlled, isn’t entirely made up of pro-big government control freaks with a need to dictate morality from within their California bubble.

Secondly, I truly believe Musk is one of the few people with his pedal on the gas when it comes to a more prosperous future, and it’s good to see libertarian sentiments come from a man who is leading tech in many ways, but I digress.

His tweet got me thinking.

It’s clear that much of silicon valley isn’t friendly to right-leaning thought. They can pretend they don’t discriminate, but as I once pointed out, they truly believe that what they’re doing is right when they censor conservatives because they don’t have a frame of reference for what is and isn’t actually moral.

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In the article I linked above, I speculate that Silicon Valley residents don’t really seem to understand their own positions. I bring the idea to the table that they truly are ignorant to their own ignorance and I base it on the interaction between Tim Pool, Joe Rogan, and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and Twitter “Trust and Safety” Lead Vijaya Gadde during an episode of the Joe Rogan Experience.

The subject they were speaking on was attacks made by Twitter on conservative (and even non-conservatives) for simply dissenting against transgender narratives. During the conversation, Gadde seemed to be unable to understand what Pool was trying to show her as if she’d never considered the ideas he’s presenting. Allow me to quote myself as I described it:

Gadde can be ridiculed for a lot of things that she said during her interaction with Pool and Rogan, but there were times when it looked like she was being introduced to a completely foreign concept that she couldn’t quite wrap her head around in the moment.

We should consider the idea that the ideological bubble in which these tech giants live is so thick that they don’t understand or even see what’s right in front of their faces.

Their false sense of morality, fostered by their immediate peers and social structure, is a result of truly not knowing any better due to the fact that any other kind of ideological standpoint is being diligently kept out. It’s kept out because the culture demands to look at ideological stances outside of the body politic as something dangerous. This fuels a perpetual cycle and creates something akin to self-induced brainwashing.

This theory would explain why YouTube can make statements that are blatantly false with all seriousness.

I want to make it clear that their ignorance doesn’t make them less guilty. The ignorance is still self-imposed and self-imposed ignorance is just stupidity with makeup on.

It especially makes them guilty when their stupidity causes effects in such wide-ranging ways. In this case, Silicon Valley is actively keeping us in ignorance, denying science, and promoting false narratives when it comes to the Wuhan virus.

As I wrote earlier, Tucker Carlson covered big tech’s guilt on this in a superb monologue that you should watch.

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If you follow my writing, you’ll also know that I’ve been talking about how much of what we’re doing in terms of combating the pandemic doesn’t add up. The sheltering in place isn’t working because it’s not a true quarantine and we have much more to fear from a crashed economy than we do this virus which has a death rate strikingly lower than any model predicted.

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We are being kept in fear and ignorance as a nation out of a claim that we’re being kept safe, yet we’re far from safe. There’s a bigger beast bearing down on us.

Big tech is resorting to pushing things on us that you read about in novels about dystopian futures. They’re doing so because, as I surmised earlier, they don’t know any better and have everything to gain from keeping themselves from knowing any better. Their idea is to sell microchips that can monitor everything about you, to censor scientific discovery that could help us, and it would appear to silence any political leaders that run contrary to their ideals.

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The main takeaway from this isn’t just the unfairness of it all, it’s the fact that they’re forcing their own ignorance on the rest of us and it’s going to ruin our lives and likely even get some of us killed.


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