Daily Wire's Elisha Krauss Confronted by Security Guard Over Pro-Life Shirt, but Free Speech Wins the Day

Daily Wire's Elisha Krauss Confronted by Security Guard Over Pro-Life Shirt, but Free Speech Wins the Day
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The Daily Wire’s Elisha Krauss is an ardent pro-life advocate and possibly one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. Sadly, she ran into someone who wasn’t so nice and wasn’t very appreciative of her pro-life shirt.

Krauss posted to Twitter that she had a bit of an altercation with a security guard at Gelson’s Market on Van Nuys in Sherman Oaks, California, on Thursday. While at the market, Krauss was wearing a face mask, was carrying a Lysol wipe, and was social distancing. She was doing everything right, except wearing a shirt that simply read “Women’s Rights Start In the Womb.”

That was apparently too much for the Gelson Security Guard.

“Was just asked by the security guy at the @gelsonsmarkets on Van Nuys to “next time don’t enter the market wearing a shirt that’s controversial” and I asked why. He said he didn’t want to be responsible for a fight and I said, “you’re not responsible for what happens to me,” she tweeted.

“I am.” she continued. “Just don’t wear such a controversial shirt next time.” I said no one seemed bothered and no one commented. He waved me off. No one commented. I socially distanced. I wore a mask. I had Lysol wipe in my hand.”

Krauss posted the shirt she was wearing.

As Kraus said, she received no pushback for her shirt at all and the guard was likely feigning concern for her safety to mask his own disdain for Krauss’s pro-life position.

The story doesn’t end there, however.

Live Action, the pro-life group that made the shirt, contacted Gelson’s Market in order to get a comment. Gelson’s immediately and sincerely apologized to Krauss for the security guard’s comment and took action to make it right:

Gelson’s Market is local to Southern California. Live Action News reached out to the company for comment. “We would like to sincerely apologize to Ms. Krauss for the completely inappropriate comment made to her by the third-party security guard at the Sherman Oaks location,” the company said in a statement. “The guard in question was immediately replaced and the guard company was contacted to ensure that the guard in question is never assigned to work at any Gelson’s locations ever again. Gelson’s hires guards to guarantee the safety of its customers and to ensure that COVID19 rules and restrictions such as the wearing of masks and social distancing are adhered to.”

The story has a happy ending but it’s sad that people can’t openly support their position on life without someone attempting to pressure, intimidate, or manipulate someone into staying quiet about it. A huge thanks to Gelson’s Market for not only standing up for free speech but making it clear that they won’t stand for silencing speech on their grounds.

If you’d like to purchase the same shirt Krauss was wearing, you can follow the link here.

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