Trump Derangement Syndrome and You

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I’m just going to post a few links and tweets here and you tell me if the things contained within them seem reasonable to you.

What do all of the subjects in these posts have in common?


Pure, unadulterated spite from people who have drunk a very special brand kool-aid and cannot get out from under its effects to save their lives.

Spite is a key factor in the condition known as “Trump Derangement Syndrome” (TDS). It’s a term used by the right to describe the root cause of their inability to view President Donald Trump through the lens of reality and see everything he does as one of the greatest wrongs ever hoisted on man.

While TDS isn’t actually a scientifically proven condition, I wouldn’t be surprised to find that the claim of its existence has some scientific merit to it. It’s hard not to believe that it is real when you’re watching grown adults have meltdowns and temper tantrums every time Trump so much as breaths out of his right nostril.

Moreover, it’s difficult for me to believe it’s not real when we have seemingly intelligent people doing whatever they can to cause trouble for the president in the midst of a pandemic, even if the trouble they cause hurts the very people they claim to care about or serve.

The hatred is observable to the point of almost being palpable. It’s almost like a blind rage that reminds me of a dog in fight mode, biting and wounding even its owner without much thought. Its single-minded focus is purely on the thing it’s trying to bite, and in its rage, bites the hand that feeds it because it just so happened to be in the way. It wasn’t able to differentiate in the moment.

Take Pelosi, for instance.

Pelosi’s TDS is so strong that she’s twice held up relief packages from being passed in congress and demanded the inclusion of funding to things that have no reason to be in the bill. Why? She’ll tell you it’s because she cares and is trying to make things better, though how more diversity in board rooms makes this situation better is beyond me.

Democrats saying the quiet part loudly, however, will tell you a different story.

She just doesn’t want to give Trump a win.

From the Free Beacon:

Rep. Mikie Sherrill (D., N.J.) expressed frustration with her Democratic colleagues at a recent town hall, admitting they block legislation because they “don’t want to give the president a win.”

Speaking at a Livingston, New Jersey, town hall on Thursday, Sherrill revealed the “shockingly different mindset” of congressional Democrats who prioritize resisting President Donald Trump over passing legislation that could help their constituents.

“When I go, you know, I’ve gone up to people and said, ‘I need to get this piece of legislation passed,’ and they say ‘Oh yeah, we just passed it,’” Sherrill said. “I said, ‘Yeah, we just passed it. I need the Senate to pass it and I need the president to sign it,’ and they said ‘Well, we don’t want to give the president a win.’”

This is the mindset behind TDS. There is no reasonability, only Trump. The people can hurt so long as Trump hurts too.

The only conclusion I can come to is to dismiss the words of anyone with TDS as a lie, at least when it comes to political matters. If Trump said that no one should cut off their right hand, I honestly would not be surprised to find there would be a number of people who had their hands removed. I wish I was being hyperbolic, but in this atmosphere, I’m just not sure.

Those who suffer from TDS are a danger to themselves, but they’re also a danger to you. Take everything they say with a whole mountain of salt. If they make a claim, even if it seems highly credible and every news outlet is repeating it, look into it. It’s probably false.

For instance, the idea that Trump was holding up checks so that his name could be put on it. It’s a lie that’s been circulated across major news organizations.

Also Alyssa Milano.

Yet the claim is completely false. The name will appear there but there is no delay.

A simple investigation would have revealed the delay claim to be false, and yet major news organizations didn’t bother to confirm.

TDS makes people as stupid as it makes them dishonest.


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