Tucker Carlson Thoroughly Demolishes Governor Gretchen Whitmer for Being a Tyrant to Michiganders

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Tucker Carlson, host of “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” poses for photos in a Fox News Channel studio, in New York, Thursday, March 2, 2017. (AP Photo/Richard Drew)


A handful of Democratic leaders have run full-speed into tyrannical territory during this lockdown. With their authoritarian itch being scratched to no end now that they have the excuse to force people into draconian situations, their appetite for it has only grown.

No leader has gorged herself on authority quite like Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

Here at RedState, we’ve covered how Whitmer has used the power of her position to ban everything from traveling to a residence you own in a different part of the state to buying seeds to plant in your own garden.

The gross misuse of power has caused a deluge of Michiganders to sign a petition to begin a recall election for Whitmer, which as of this writing boasts nearly 230,000 signatures with more still coming in by the minute.

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Whitmer’s Orwellian style of governing got the attention of Fox News host Tucker Carlson, who proceeded to highlight just how horrible she is, and added a few solid points to show just how much this isn’t about the people for Whitmer, and how much it is about her own power.

Carlson noted that the numbers of sick and dying that the experts thought were going to hit Michigan actually ended up being far less, yet that didn’t stop Whitmer from exerting her authority. Carlson covers some things Michiganders aren’t allowed to do and the products she deemed “unnecessary.”


“If Michigan residents own more than one home, Whitmer has banned them from traveling between them,” Carlson noted. “Outside Detroit it’s very common, especially for working-class people, to have a cabin up north. You’re not allowed to go there. And then she kept going. Not only did Governor Whitmer close most stores in the state, she banned the few that remained open from selling items that she deemed unnecessary.”

The Fox News host pointed out that Whitmer gave no explanation as to why you weren’t allowed to purchase things like paint in the state of Michigan and simply explained that the reason is that she doesn’t have a clue and didn’t consult anyone who does.

Carlson quotes one virologist who found that chances to get the virus increased when people were packed closer together for longer periods of time and that chances to get the virus were actually lower if you were out shopping.

To give an example of how Whitmer did it wrong he cites Sweden’s approach which has fewer cases and deaths than Michigan, which has roughly the same population. Sweden didn’t take the draconian approach Whitmer did and remained healthier overall.

Carlson noted that Whitmer doesn’t care about the science, she cares about power and explains just how much power she might be after.


“Governor Whitmer wants to be the vice president,” he said. “She wants to be chosen by Joe Biden. That’s pretty clear. And she’s calculated that there is no penalty for petty authoritarianism. In fact, petty authoritarianism might make even mediocre politicians look strong and decisive. That’s her bet. She is willing to destroy the people in her state in exchange.”

Carlson pointed out that people in Michigan have died in greater number from everything from suicide to drugs and yet Whitmer didn’t go to any extremes to stop that from happening.

“At the time, Joe Biden didn’t need a running mate and CNN wasn’t watching,” said Carlson.


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