The Mask Falls: Sanders Fans Drop the "Democratic" From "Democratic Socialist"

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., departs Capitol Hill in Washington, Wednesday, March 18, 2020, after the Senate passed a second coronavirus response bill. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)


They had us so fooled, too!

Now that Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders has kind-of-sort-of dropped out of the race, it would appear that Sanders’ staffers are dropping their masks to reveal that they’ve been socialists this whole time! Who’d have thunk it?!

Sanders’ national press secretary, Briahna Joy Gray, tweeted out that the silver lining to Sanders dropping out is that she can stop the charade.

“On the plus side, I can drop the “Democratic” from my tweets about why Socialism is good,” tweeted Gray.

This was followed by more than a few bouts of virtual applause from many a Sanders fan.

Thing is, we already had a really solid look into the Sanders campaign a while back and are well aware that those working under him ranged from being socialists to full-on violent communists.

Lest we forget, Sanders field organizer Kyle Jurek was caught on video giving us the full reveal in terms of his communist beliefs. Jurek supported the idea of Gulags and reeducation camps. What’s more, Jurek was more than on-board with using violence against those who resisted the socialist takeover of America.


(WATCH: Project Veritas Releases the First Expose of Its Footage Inside the Sanders Campaign and It’s Disturbing)

The “democratic” in “democratic socialism” has always been a very see-through veil that has never fooled anyone. The idea that socialism is anything but socialism seemed to not get passed anyone except perhaps the Bernie-bros who never truly looked too far into what socialism really is.

That no one was buying it seemed to be the main theme of the oppositional responses to Gray.


To echo one of the responses, it was the fact that everyone knew that she and Sanders were socialists that is the exact reason Sanders lost. Not many people are willing to sign on with the socialist agenda with the exception of a rabid internet fan base that only makes up a small fraction of the population. On message boards where only pro-Sanders messages are allowed to thrive, the bubbled Bernie fans seemed confused as to why he wasn’t doing better despite everyone they heard from being so hyped about him. One user asked the question and received a very simple answer back.

The United States is not a socialist nation and adding qualifiers to the word “socialist” doesn’t convince many that it’s anything but socialism.


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