Don't Believe All Women

AP Photo/Matt Rourke

Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden speaks about the coronavirus Thursday, March 12, 2020, in Wilmington, Del. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

Two years after the Brett Kavanaugh witch hunt brought on by opportunistic Democrats and rabid feminists, the left is now facing having their own nominee harbor a supposedly dark past of sexual assault.

Did former VP and current Democratic primary leader Joe Biden actually sexually assault a woman named Tara Reade back in 1993 when she was a staffer for the then-Senator?

I’m not sure. The media isn’t really looking into it, save a few mentions here and there but even if they were, they’ve proven to be too untrustworthy.

I’m not entirely sure if Reade is being honest. I don’t have the necessary proof to make that judgment. She very well may be telling the truth. Biden isn’t exactly known for being a “hands-off” kind of guy and his inability to keep his hands to himself around women, even when the cameras are rolling, has become so well known it’s an internet meme. He’s certainly a hell of a lot more likely to have done it than Kavanaugh, who could provide calendars, witness testimony, and more, that proved his innocence.

Regardless, we were told by the raving and ranting members of the media, Democrat politicians, and feminist groups that we were to “believe all women.” It was a phrase that was driven into the public consciousness ad nauseam. The instructions were clear. If a woman says she was assaulted or raped by someone, then she was assaulted or raped. Doubting her was akin to being on the rapist’s side and leaving all victims of sexual assault out to dry.

The response to this from anyone with two brain cells to rub together was “no.”

“Believe all women” was basically a call for the elimination of due process in the public square, and there were definitely one too many times this affected decisions made in universities, where men accused were simply punished without officials even trying to find out if they were innocent or not. Too often, they were completely innocent and suffered regardless.

It was unfair that men would suffer over the lies of a scorned woman but that’s the kind of society the left was trying to create. To bring that kind of attitude to any institution is dangerous for us all.

The truth is, women lie. They’re human. They lie because they’re angry. They lie because they want something they can’t get by being truthful. They lie about who they are, what they believe, or what they want to do simply to make people like them more. They lie because, like any human, it benefits them in some way to do so.

Is Reade lying? It’s entirely possible.

Reade’s claim extends back to 1993. No one saw it happen. There doesn’t seem to be any documentation about it made back in the day. It’s one woman’s claim about an event that happened 27 years ago made just in time for Biden’s presidential campaign being closer than it ever has to the White House. What’s more, it was made at a time when his opponent is staying in the race despite having almost no chance to win unless Biden is forced out.

The accusations were also made by a woman who seems to be a huge Bernie Sanders fan.

I have a lot of reasons to disbelieve Reade. A few more reasons to not believe her than to believe her. I’ve seen women lie about the sexual misconduct of men toward them time after time, and more than any other time is when that man is in reach of achieving something great.

If it did happen, then I honestly feel for Reade. She claims to have reported the assault to her supervisor and that she filled out a form of some kind, but that document has not surfaced.

Understand that I’m not writing this in defense of Biden. It’s entirely possible he’s guilty and, as handsy as he is, I wouldn’t be shocked to hear it was true. No, I’m writing this in defense of common sense. I’m writing this because this nation doesn’t need people taking seriously any accusations of misconduct from decades ago, especially if these accusations have no credible proof behind them.

All women don’t need to be believed.


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