Abortion Isn't Healthcare, and If It's a Choice Then It's Non-Essential. Period.

AP Photo/Steve Helber

A young boy holds a sign during an anti-abortion rally on the steps of the Capitol in Richmond, Va., Thursday, Feb. 7, 2019. (AP Photo/Steve Helber)

I could stop at the headline but that’s not the world we live in. As I write this, the abortion industry is pushing to stay in business in the various states that have banned it during the Wuhan Coronavirus outbreak. Not only that, but they’re also begging for medical supplies from the general public so they can stay stocked.

This during a time when medical supplies are in danger of becoming hard to come by and when we’re cheek-deep in the throws of a pandemic where these supplies are essential.

As I’ve reported previously, Texas Governor Greg Abbott suspended abortion in the state during the duration of the outbreak, noting that since the procedure is a choice it’s not an essential service. Being the elective procedure that abortion is, it’s going to take a backseat like every other elective procedure until further notice.

A back and forth soon started with federal judge Lee Yeakel stepping in and lifting the restriction, and then the U.S. 5th District Court of Appeals reversed that ruling and Texas is, thankfully, back to where it started; abortionless.

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Planned Parenthood vowed via a tweet to Texas AG Ken Paxton that the fight wasn’t over yet. I’m sure there were many pro-abortion folks applauding it up and sounding their war horns. At the very least they’re liking and retweeting all the chest-thumping the abortion industry is doing.

Thing is, there is no feasible way that abortion is a crucial and necessary procedure unless it’s absolutely needed to save the life of the mother. Otherwise, it is simply an elective procedure by its advocate’s own admission. A choice to take the life of a child that didn’t need to die because it proved to be an inconvenience. Calling it “healthcare” would be like calling a communist country’s execution squads “doctors.” It’s the death of someone, not the saving of anyone. Every time.

Having a baby might not have been the plan, but once the choice to have sex is made, the same choice to undertake the risk of pregnancy was as well. If the choice to get an abortion has been stripped after a state decides it can’t spare the necessary medical items for your — and I can’t repeat this word enough — choice, that’s not anyone else’s problem but your own that you earned because you made the choice to have sex in the first place.

And before I hear “what about cases of incest and/or rape” I’d like to remind everyone that abortions caused by these events make up 0.5 percent and 1 percent respectively.

The pure gall it takes to beg for medical supplies to be used on doing elective procedures when we have hospitals currently scrounging for them must be breathtaking. How wrapped up in their own self-importance does Planned Parenthood, or any pro-abortion group or individual, have to be in order to think that their field is more important than people who actually need these supplies at this time.

This includes the Democrat party who tweeted that “abortion is health care”, linking to a Vox article telling you how you can get an abortion during the epidemic.

The folks touting the “care no matter what” slogan are the same that are willing to take necessary medical items for themselves in order to continue carrying out one of the worst atrocities visited on mankind since the holocaust. What’s more, the Democrats are more than willing to help them do it.

Really makes you stop to wonder what they really “care no matter what” about. It’s certainly not you.



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