Oof! Liz Wheeler Catches Abortion Doctor in Blatant Lie About Her Cruel and Disgusting Abortion Practices

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FILE- In this Nov. 18, 2015, file photo, people look on during an Utah Pro-Life Coalition rally at the state Capitol in Salt Lake City. Utah doctors say they haven’t changed anything about the way they perform late-term abortions, almost one year after the state passed a first-in-the-nation requirement that fetuses receive anesthesia or painkillers. (AP Photo/Rick Bowmer, File)


You can see a good deal of gruesomeness in the movies but a lot of the horrors that you see on the silver screen are happening in real life inside abortion facilities, where the killer isn’t just in the house — it argues that it should be allowed to kill with government funding.

Pro-lifers have been fighting against the abortion industry for some time and during that fight, we’ve discovered a few horrible things. For one, abortion doctors aren’t the caring professionals they pretend to be. They are people who do horrific things on a daily basis. What’s more, they’ll even brag about it to the public.

And that recently bit abortionist Leah Torres in the rear.

It all started when OANN’s Tipping Point hostess, Liz Wheeler, tweeted out a daily reminder that abortion isn’t healthcare. This prompted Torres to respond to Wheeler, telling her she’s wrong and that Wheeler should be ashamed of herself and to stop her “misogyny” which is “deadly.”

“As a trained and licensed physician, I’m here to inform you how wrong you are. You should be especially ashamed of spreading misinformation. Stop your misogyny: it’s deadly,” tweeted Torres.


Trying to call out someone for doing something “deadly” is rich coming from an abortion doctor, but I digress.

Wheeler wasn’t about to take that lying down and reminded Torres that she once bragged about snipping the vocal cords of the babies she aborts so they can’t scream during the abortion.

“You once bragged about snipping babies’ vocal cords so they can’t scream while you abort them. So yeah… maybe sit this one out,” responded Wheeler.

Torres denied ever saying such a thing.

“I did not. Get your facts straight. Again. You’re embarrassing yourself,” responded Torres.

Only the fact is, Wheeler was correct. Torres, at some point, posted her practice of severing the larynx so the baby has no opportunity to scream if it’s that far along in its development. Wheeler even posted the tweet so Torres could see it.

This time, Torres didn’t bother quote tweeting Wheeler and replied directly, accusing her of showing the screenshot of the tweet out of context and making the odd excuse that she was actually referring to the umbilical cord, not the larynx.


I’ll ignore the attempt at deflection by Torres with her grammar comment except to say that it definitely was an attempt at deflection. That said, Torres is lying. The tweet posted by Wheeler is a response to one person asking if Torres can hear the babies scream at night.

“Do you hear their heartbeats when you lay down at night? Do you hear their screams?” asked Twitter user @ZarbaNotZorba.

This is what prompted the response by Torres that described her horror movie-esque practice. Torres later deleted the tweet saying that it allowed others to “inhibit progress.”

So not only is Torres proud of committing atrocities on unborn children, she’s also a bad liar.


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