If Your First Instinct Is to Defend China, Then Take a Step Back and Reassess Your Mental State

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FILE – In this Feb. 27, 2008 file photo, The Washington Post building in Washington is shown. The Washington Post Co. reported a 69 percent jump in third-quarter profit Friday, Oct. 30, 2009, as its newspapers trimmed their losses and its cable TV and education divisions held steady. (AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta, file)

Earlier today I watched as the Washington Post released an article attacking Texas Senator John Cornyn because he had nothing good to say about China and their ability to produce viruses and disease.

The article attempted to corner Cornyn on a few things. For one, his claim that various viruses that don’t have Chinese origin are actually from China. They also hit him on his words about the kind of foods that China consumes, including snakes. WaPo’s response to that was to remind Cornyn that in Texas we have something called the rattlesnake roundup where we milk snakes for their venom and then fry them up and eat them.

To be clear, these two things and these two things alone are worth criticizing Cornyn over. If he’s wrong, he’s wrong. However, what bugs me here is the reason WaPo editors called him out. They didn’t call him out in order to state the facts, they called him out in order to run defense for China. Central to their critique was the fact that was Cornyn was doing was exhibiting and propagating racism against Chinese people. In fact, WaPo proceeded to list an entire plethora of tweets accusing Cornyn of blatant racism.

Firstly, it can hardly be labeled racism. What Cornyn is saying is actually true for the most part. China does produce its fair share of viruses and diseases thanks to its unsanitary practices in places like wet markets. He may have mislabeled some of the viruses as Chinese in origin, but what he’s saying holds water. China is the origin of many viruses and even was the starting location for two of the three largest flu pandemics.

Secondly, comparing Texas meal prep to China’s is comparing apples and oranges. Texas isn’t known for ill-prepared meals in an unsanitary environment with all of its animals living unsanitary lives until the moment of their unsanitary death. Trying to make Texas out to be just as bad as China is clown journalism.

Cornyn was wrong on the particulars, but that’s it. The greater sin was the Washington Post’s which is guilty of immediately running to China’s aid upon being attacked by Cornyn.

The media seems to have an outlook of the enemy of their enemy being their friend. As such, they’ve been moving to stand with China’s government against Republicans every time the word “China” is even mentioned by anyone, especially President Donald Trump, who was also attacked in the Washington Post article.

Sinking to the level of defending our communist enemies because you disagree with our elected leader then having the nerve to tout that “democracy dies in darkness” on the front of your website is a new level of low. It’s low of CNN to utilize Trump’s unwillingness to censor himself in order to placate Chinese censors as a way to gin up outrage. It’s wrong to call him racist because he’s more than willing to be truthful and honest about the origins of the pandemic we now currently face.

It’s wrong that we have so many American journalists willing to run to help China if it means it hurts Trump, the man leading the effort to save as many Americans as he possibly can right now.

Journalists need to take a step back and reassess where they are mentally and even emotionally. There will be plenty of time to tear at Trump. He’ll be in office for four more years after all. Right now, though? Is hatred of him so thick in the minds of the journalist left that they’ll gladly step into a fight between our communist enemies and our own leaders? That they’d side with despotic leaders who jail their own doctors and lie about their part of the problem?

If that’s the go-to response, then you’re not serving your country as a journalist should. You’re not dealing in information, you’re dealing in propaganda. You’re not helping your fellow countrymen, you’re trying to fool them into a narrative.

You’re no longer a journalist at this point. Just an angry person with a soapbox and a bone to pick. You’ve become useless in your own profession.



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