The Media Just Proved It Really Is the Enemy of the People With Its Biden Coverage

Katie Pavlich/Townhall Media

Members of the media wait for a joint press conference with U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Ethiopian Foreign Minister Ato Gedu Andargachew. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Sheraton Hotel. February 18, 2020.

I wanted to touch on something earlier that I feel wasn’t covered in its entirety. Earlier today, I wrote on the fact that major networks did what they could to tiptoe around Biden’s threat toward an autoworker in the now-viral video going around.

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That our mainstream media goes to bat for Democrats on the regular isn’t exactly a new thing. I fully expect them to make every excuse possible for people like Joe Biden, the DNC favorite and last hope for any kind of Democrat victory against Trump.

What I think is going overlooked in this situation with Biden and the autoworker, however, is that Biden overtly made physical threats toward an American citizen and the media is just okay with that. They don’t feel the need to raise the alarm that a government figure now running for the highest office in the land is more than willing to do violence against citizens for simply questioning him. Instead, their reaction is to step around it and even praise Biden for being a no-nonsense kind of guy in the face of those stupid right-wingers.

While I think this moment says some things about Biden, they would be things we already know. I’m more interested in what this says about our own media.

The question should be asked: Just how far is the media willing to go in order to make excuses for Democratic candidates when they screw up? Should a Democrat threaten actual violence through military or police, would the media do its job and tell the voters what they need to know about the candidate currently asking for their vote?

The answer is probably more frightening than we think.

I want to remind everyone that this is the same mainstream media that not only glosses over the violence of hard-left groups such as Antifa, it also promotes them as the good guys. This is the same media that watched citizen journalist Andy Ngo get attacked repeatedly by Antifa, and then turned around tried to make Ngo seem like the man at fault for his assault.

This is the same media that attempted to sweep a man attempting to run down Republicans in a car under the rug. This happened just last month and yet it’s likely that the rest of the American population has completely forgotten about it.

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This is the same media that completely ignored the fact that the Democrat party, specifically the Sanders campaign, was filled with violent radicals.

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The truth is, the media doesn’t care about violence against you. In fact, judging by how much it doesn’t report on, it seems to want to avoid talking about violence against you altogether.

This should scare you. What happens when someone gets into power who has no problem using violence against the citizenry? The media has proven that it won’t only stay quiet, it may even make excuses as to why what they did was a positive for the country.

This, by definition, makes the media your enemy. I’ve always tried to stray away from hyperbolic language, but there’s no “if” about this. When it comes to your safety and well being, the media does not wish the best for you. Outside of the fact that it profits most off of tragedy, its agenda makes it your opposition by nature.

President Donald Trump called the media “the enemy of the people” and in response, the media began to pearl clutch about the violence that may come against it as a result. However, as you can see, it’s not aghast in any way by violence. It’s perfectly fine with it so long as it’s happening to you.


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