Hollywood In Chains

Sting performs best original song nominee "The Empty Chair" from "Jim: The James Foley Story" at the Oscars on Sunday, Feb. 26, 2017, at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles. (Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP)

Despite the fact that half the country looks at Hollywood as a leftist hotbed of ideological asininity and bubble-born narcissism, Hollywood remains an important aspect of American culture. We can pretend it’s not, but it is.

Out of that place comes a host of entertainment that most Americans enjoy, including their children. Despite the fact that many in Hollywood live in a gilded cage and believe things that any American with a lick of common sense would see as insane, it’s still a multi-billion dollar industry that we enthusiastically enjoy.

Yet not every person in the Hollywood sphere is the stereotypical clueless tool we see wheeled out during award shows. There are many examples of just how sensible and good members of Hollywood can be.

For instance, Chris Pratt is openly Christian and loves America and its values. Robert Downey Jr. knows what it is to overcome addiction and become a massive proponent of self-reliance and working hard. Former Israeli IDF soldier turned Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot, is looking the celebrate people that a decade or two ago, Hollywood wouldn’t have touched with a ten-foot pole.

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Lately, even famed directors are now lashing out against the politically correct culture that has sprung up around Hollywood just as “Joker” director Todd Phillips did when the social justice crowd came for his award-winning movie by trying to scare people away from it and frame it as a film celebrating white incels.

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Earlier on Friday, I wrote how John Krasinski, who plays various patriotic roles such as Jack Silva in “13 Hours” and Jack Ryan, Tom Clancy’s most popular character, came under attack by “critics” who seemed a little miffed about the fact that the “A Quiet Place” director/star is a little bit too friendly with conservative sensibilities.

The actor was forced to explain himself. Though he did so very well, the fact that he had to do so in the first place speaks volumes. Krasinski, a man who once helped fundraise for Elizabeth Warren, seemed to stray too far from the approved boundaries set by Hollywood when it comes to ideological exhibitions. The “13 Hours” actor plays military men with reverence and care, but conservatives treat the military with reverence and care. Thus, to the critics, Krasinski needed to be checked.

“I’ll always respect people who put their lives on the line for people like me, who they’ve never met,” he said.

This response to his critics is still fresh, so we’re not quite sure if he failed the check or not. I hope he does. I hope this response elicits anger from the elites in Hollywood. Clearly not because I want to cause trouble for Krasinksi, who has proven to be a pretty good guy. I want him to fail because I want everyone to see how fascistic Hollywood has become. I want the people to see it and turn on it, and as a result, watch as this leftist hold on Hollywood falls out of vogue.

Right now, Hollywood is in chains. There is a myriad of stories, talent, and more floating around that haven’t been touched because it would break with the ideological barriers that the left has erected in order to keep the largest spotlight in the world a deep shade of blue. It’s a shame to think of how much art out there isn’t being made. How many new ideas and themes we’re not witnessing because of the artistic despotism of the left.

With every woke film that flops, every social justice warrior freakout over a film, and with every attack on good people like Krasinski, Gadot, and Pratt, I think the chains get a little looser. With every award show that sees a steep drop in ratings, the lesson sinks in a little deeper.

The time of the left’s rule in Hollywood is seeing the beginning of the end, and that can’t come soon enough. There has to be a revolution of thought in Hollywood, especially if we want our country to continue down the prosperous path it is right now. Politics is still downstream of culture, and the chains need to be struck off if we’re to proceed into a brighter future.


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