Critics Attack John Krasinski for His Military Roles and He Answers Them Perfectly

The professional film critics’ job seems to be making sure that certain films get low scores if their themes venture too far away from the approved leftist message. Apparently, their job is to also police actors and actresses to make sure they’re staying well within the socio-political boundaries set for them by the industry.


Their latest target is “A Quiet Place” actor/director and star of “13 Hours,” Jack Krasinski.

Film critics are, for the most part, a left-wing bunch. If any film, stand-up special, or show runs afoul of their lefty sensibilities, then you can bet that it will receive a horrifically low score. Thanks to the internet, we can now see how it stacks up with audiences as opposed to the critics.

The differences are usually striking. For instance, the most popular examples include Dave Chappelle’s comedy special on Netflix that got panned by critics but celebrated by the audience.

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Critics did everything to stop people from seeing “Joker” as well, but audiences found it to be a superb film that they very much enjoyed. The film ended up being the top-grossing R rated film of all time.

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Krasinski has a habit of playing roles that respect those in service to our country. His most popular among these is his portrayal of Jack Silva in “13 Hours,” one of the soldiers who survived the assault on the Benghazi compound that took the lives of four men, including Ambassador Chris Stevens.

Recently, Krasinski played Tom Clancy’s most popular character “Jack Ryan” in the new self-titled series on Amazon.

Krasinski’s roles typically take on a patriotic tone that pays respect to the people who serve our country, and that seems to be by design. Naturally, the critics don’t like that and began publicly criticizing Krasinski as being too friendly to conservative values as he celebrates “red state heroes.”


According to Fox News, Krasinski said the critics are reading too much into the politics of it all, but answered why he pays such respect to our men and women who serve:

“That narrative is certainly not the narrative I intended to put out there,” Krasinski, 40, told Esquire. “When people look for something that they want to see, I can’t stop them from a subjective belief in something.”

“I have 11 aunts and uncles and cousins who have been in the military or still are in the military,” said the actor who, per Esquire, co-hosted a fundraiser for Elizabeth Warren’s senatorial campaign in 2012.

“So it was a big thing on my list to get to do a military movie or show or something,” Krasinski added.

Krasinski went on to declare that when it comes to those who serve, he’ll always show respect.

“I’ll always respect people who put their lives on the line for people like me, who they’ve never met,” he said.


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