Watch: The Only Mike Bloomberg Campaign Ad the World Needs

You can’t get away from them right now. Whether you click on the television or even hit YouTube, you’re going to see a campaign ad for Mike Bloomberg pop up. He’ll tell you all sorts of things he’s done, including how much former President Barack Obama likes him, for what that’s worth.


He’ll also tell you that he’s the only one who can defeat Trump in 2020, which is definitely an opinion. It’s a wrong one, but it’s an opinion.

In any case, I don’t think the ads Bloomberg has released so far really give us the whole scope of who he is. As such, I thought I’d take a crack at them myself in order to help him out just before the Nevada debates. What I came up with is, in my most humble opinion, to be a much more accurate representation of the former New York mayor.

Why would the guy leave out that he’s a fan of “big gay ice cream” after all?

Anyway, enjoy the ad.

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