By All Means, Leftists, #ImpeachTrumpAgain

Seton Motley | Red State |

A big reason why you should not side with the Left is, in part, because of its ever-growing list of dumb things it does, most of which I’ve forgotten because it seems like I’m writing about something stupid that they’re doing every day that would honestly cause most people to question their sanity in a fair and just world.

Case in point, a Twitter hashtag popped up that defines just how ridiculous and, frankly, stupid the Left has become in its hatred of President Donald Trump.

The hashtag, #ImpeachTrumpAgain, popped up on Twitter with all the gusto of a self-aggrandized idiot who believes that the lightbulb won’t be as hot as the last time he touched it.

There are a ton more, too. This was a viral hashtag, mind you. I’d also like to direct you to the number of likes and retweets a lot of these tweets got.

I’m not sure I need to explain to you how bad of an idea this is for Democrats. Impeachment did not, at all, work out for them the first time due to the fact that there was no verifiable evidence that Trump did anything illegal. In fact, all the smoke in the air seems to emanate from the Biden family’s dealings with Ukraine. Yet Democrats continue to try to run defense for the Biden family and accuse Republicans of coverups anytime they mention it.

It’s not just the politicians in Washington who recognized that the impeachment proceedings were a stupid waste of time that amounted to an anti-Trump campaign ad for the Democrat party to help with their chances in 2020. A Gallup poll showed that most people don’t want Trump removed from office, flying in the face of a CNN poll that stated most Americans wanted the Senate to remove Trump from office.

Recently, New Hampshire exit polling showed that both Republicans and Democrats agreed that impeachment either had no effect or actually helped Trump according to the Washington Examiner:

Nearly two-thirds of Republicans reported at New Hampshire primary exit polls that impeachment benefited President Trump’s reelection odds, and only 5% said it hurt them. But an astonishing 74% of Democratic voters at the first-in-the-nation primary said that impeachment either made no difference or actually helped his chances.

Just 22% of some of the most enthusiastic Democrats in the country believe impeachment harmed Trump’s political fortunes.

Impeachment exit polls bode poorly for Democratic prospects in the general election and represent a defeat for the establishment that bet on impeachment taking Trump. The message to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her allies is clear: impeachment backfired and spectacularly so.

Trump’s rating reached an all-time high after it was all said and done, to boot.

With all that in mind, the wishes of Democrats to impeach Trump again isn’t a good look, and for two reasons. For one, it cements the idea that Democrats don’t know what they’re doing. They’re operating purely off emotion. This leads us to the second point, that Democrats are willing to sacrifice anything if it means demolishing their enemies, or in this case, inconveniencing them.

But hey, if they want to hand 2020 to Trump and the Republicans (I mean, they already have) then be my guest. Please, continue down the path of impeachment and really teach that mean ol’ Trump a lesson he’ll never forget. I’m sure he’ll focus on it real hard while he’s sitting in the Oval Office over the next four years.


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