Heartbreaking: Chinese Journalist Covering Coronavirus Disappears After Telling Communist Party He's Not Afraid of Them

Every day we should be counting ourselves lucky that we live in the country that we do and that we have rights that most other countries could never dream to have. Here in America, a journalist may uncover inconvenient truths to American authorities or people in powerful positions and not face any legal repercussions for it. Sadly, the same cannot be said for those in China.


This especially goes for one of the lawyer and citizen journalists in China named Chen Quishi who has reportedly vanished after spending weeks documenting and exposing the problems Wuhan faces with the Coronavirus.

In a video posted by SCMP News, Chen’s footage of Wuhan’s overrun hospitals and makeshift hospital conditions really give you a sense of what the Chinese government isn’t telling you about the severity of the situation.

In one video he tells the viewer that the Chinese government has asked his parents as to his whereabouts and, choking back tears, tells the viewer that he’s not afraid of the Communist party. After this, Chen disappeared with a friend saying that he has been forced into quarantine despite having not been infected with the coronavirus.

At this time, the Chinese government has been relatively open about the effects of the virus but many people fear that China is being secretive about its true level of devastation just like it was during the SARS outbreak in 2002.

According to the Daily Mail, China’s government has been behaving oddly about infection dates, resources updates and more:

China promised to be more transparent but the cover-up surrounding the new Wuhan coronavirus is oddly reminiscent of past actions.

Previous reports say the first case was reported on December 31, but, according to The New York Times, the first case was actually report on December 8.

Officials insisted the condition was ‘mild’, ‘under control’ and could not be transmitted between humans.

Even Wang Guangfa, a top government respiratory expert who told the media on January 10 that the Wuhan outbreak was ‘preventable and controllable,’ contracted the virus.

In fact, other cities in mainland China didn’t reveal they had cases until Hong Kong news media reported that cases of the virus had been confirmed in its region.

Posts about the outbreak have also been disappearing from social media.

The People’s Daily, the Communist Party-sponsored newspaper, posted on social media that Wuhan province was running low on masks, but it was deleted shortly after, reported The Washington Post.


In conjunction with the disappearance of Chen, whose videos attracted millions of views, it would appear that the Chinese government is being as secretive as ever.

Any government that is arresting and hiding its citizen journalists clearly has something to hide.


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