Don't Let the Media Make You Forget a Democrat Just Tried to Run Over Republicans In Jacksonville

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Maybe you hadn’t heard or maybe you’ve already forgotten. You can’t be blamed for either.

On Saturday, 27-year-old Gregory Timm drove his car into a Republican voter registration tent in Jacksonville because “he did not like Donald Trump.” He was subsequently arrested at his home for his actions and luckily, no one was hurt.

Timm was open about what he was trying to do and why he did it. Even going so far as to show police officers a video he made just before he committed the crime, and even bragging to police that the “good part” was when it drove into the tent. The video actually cut out before that happened and Timm expressed disappointment.

For some reason, the police redacted the part of the report where Timm admits that he is a part of an organization, but many have guessed that the group he’s a part of is Antifa, as this kind of violence and destruction fits with their patterns.

It is currently unclear if he intended to hurt the volunteers at the tent or just run the tent down.

I tell you all this not to report on the crime, but to show you the lack of reporting on it. At this time, there hasn’t really been much media activity on it at all since Saturday. I don’t think I need to explain to you why, but I will anyway.

This was an attack by a leftist on right-leaning people who clearly supported Donald Trump. Despite the fact that people could have died or been seriously injured during the attack, the media has no interest in covering something so mundane as a bunch of Republicans in danger from a Democrat.

We all know that if the role was reversed, then this story would be plastered all over every working television screen you walked by. The media wouldn’t be able to stop talking about it. They would hold rallies and marches. They would put the people who worked the tent that got run over on television and radio as often as humanly possible. The narrative that would be cooked up would be that this is Trump’s America and that this kind of hatred and violence is only around because Orange Man fosters it.

The state of our media isn’t one where information is king, but agenda and narrative. There is a clear bias that prevents certain facts about the world around us from getting in. In fact, as a man who works in media myself, I can tell you that I see a lot of the mainstream media leaving stuff out more than it is putting stuff in.

This is one of those moments. At this time I’m watching as conservative outlets like RedState and the Washington Free Beacon report about it, but nothing from the mainstream media. At least as of this writing.

And why not? This fosters the necessary narrative that the left doesn’t have the same violent streak as Trump supporters do. They don’t want the idea of a crazed motorist attempting to run down Republicans in your head. Not when they have the neo-Nazi rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, that had one of the neo-Nazi drivers running down and killing a woman.

While that group was not supported by anyone on the right, nor Trump, it doesn’t matter. The narrative is that they were Trump supporters and thus this defines who they are as a group.

This is absolutely false. Even a common leftist student rally will result in trashed areas or Antifa activity. A right-leaning rally results in no violence and you may even find the area cleaner than before it started.

While the right has virtually no examples of violence toward those on the left, the left continues to give us plenty of examples.

They even take joy in talking about hurting others just like the Bernie Sanders campaign staffer did very recently.

Clearly one is more violent than the other, yet the media doesn’t want to cover or discuss any of this. The Sanders campaign didn’t receive one huff from the mainstream media after the Kyle Jurek video was released.

Is it any surprise that they wouldn’t cover this latest attempt at harming conservatives?

This should be a stark reminder that mainstream media is not your friend and that they can’t be trusted.


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