The Democrats Aren't a Serious Party

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I watched Senator Ted Cruz on Fox and Friends bring up a solid point about the Democrats after watching the Iowa caucus unfold…or rather…not unfold.

“Dems, right now, they can’t stand in a gymnasium and count who stands under which sign and they’re the ones that want to be in charge of our healthcare and everything else in our life,” Cruz said.

“I mean, these are the socialist candidates who say, ‘We know best, trust us to run your life.’ Well, guys, how about figure out how to count your votes first,” he added.

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The Democrat party of today is a stark contrast to what it used to be. A powerhouse of influence and strategy. Now it seems to be run by incompetent people who deny science and reality in order to appease grown children whose priorities revolve more around hatred and anger at a person or peoples than their own growth. These grown children offer no debate or civil discourse, just incomprehensible screaming.

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And the screaming ones aren’t even the worst parts of the Democratic party because the worse ones don’t just scream at you, they actively promote the idea of killing you and practice violence against those who stand in opposition, be they members of Antifa or campaign staff from the Bernie Sanders campaign.

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I’d like to say that the Sanders campaign is still the fringe part of the Democratic party, but the truth is that he’s just not anymore. His support keeps rising and now he’s overcome Joe Biden.

Speaking of Biden, the guy is so unviable as a politician that the only comparison I can give you are the dolt politicians from shows like The Simpsons and Family Guy. Even if he weren’t wrapped in scandal right now with his family and Ukraine, he would still be a candidate that no one could stake seriously. He’s a touchy-feely gaffe factory who can’t go one appearance without saying something completely ridiculous and self-defeating. The more he speaks, the more I’m pretty sure he belongs on a remote porch telling the raccoons coming to steal his cat’s food about the good ol’ days.

Every clue points to the fact that the DNC is trying to slowly shove him to the back, but doing so puts Sanders up front and since Elizabeth Warren continuously proves she has all the quality of a punchline to a bad joke, that leaves the Democrat establishment with little choice but to bend rules in order to allow Mike Bloomberg, a late-entry hail mary, into the fray to see if he can’t woo moderate Democrats back.

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Unless by some dark miracle that happens, the ship has sailed and this Iowa caucus was only proof that they made the right decision. They failed to provide any evidence that impeaches Trump, they failed to provide a worthy candidate to run against Trump, and now they’ve failed to even provide the winner to the Iowa caucus.

They are failures.

The one-two punch here is that tonight, Trump will give his State of the Union Address and I’m calling it now, it’s going to be a very highly watched affair. Tonight, Trump is going to tell all the American people who tuned in to watch exactly what he’s done to help America, and I can tell you that it’s been pretty grand. I don’t have to tell the American people that, because Independents and Republicans alike have sent Trump into a 49 percent job approval rating.

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When the people hear that speech and see confidence, competence, and commitment, it’s going to put the Republican party into stark contrast with the Democrat party which has, so far, represented everything to the opposite.

This isn’t just going to be a Trump victory. It will be a Republican victory overall.


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