The Superbowl Halftime Show Was a Hypocritical, Social Media-Ready Anti-Trump Political Message

Perhaps you saw the strip show that was the halftime show at the Super Bowl? Perhaps you also noticed the imagery, and I don’t mean the nearly nude bodies of Jennifer Lopez and Shakira.


Check this out.

As you can see, it’s a woman symbol and just below that was children in cages.

As the user who posted it noted, the imagery was meant to provoke a sentiment that ran against the Republican party and President Donald Trump in particular. It was supposed to awaken the feminist rage and remind you about the children at the border supposedly locked away in cages as the two Latina women on stage gyrated everything.

DC Debbie up there bit the bait, as did many of her followers.

But before you think I’m just reaching for conclusions and that I’m possibly seeing this through a political lens because I work in this field, then I should add that I woke up this morning to the Twitter hashtag “#Halftime2020” trending. Clicking on that pretty much sealed that this was all political messaging for me.

I can’t go so far as to say this was curated, but the majority of the hashtag was pretty much people bashing Republicans, Trump, and Trump supporters.

Language warning…



The thing is, I can actually respect the athleticism and talent it took to perform with the cultural dancing routines, as well as, what I assume, was not lipsynced singing. Especially on Shakira’s part. I felt she displayed multiple talents on stage.

The thing is, I think most people can spot the difference between the cultural aspects of the performance and the parts that were just lewd. Jennifer Lopez, on multiple occasions, made it clear that she wanted you to look at certain sexual parts of her body. Her pole dancing routine and crucifixion imagery had nothing to do with Latino culture, it was just hyper-sexualization mixed with a bit of anti-Christian mockery.

That show was so thick with messaging that was distracted by the hyper-sexualization brought on by the two women performing.

Pepsi had millions of dollars to play with to put on a stupendous show, but they chose to give us sex and politics.

What’s more, if you’re one of the ones defending it by painting those who call it out as racist and sexist, then I’ve got sour news for you. Not only are you a hypocrite, but you’re also absolutely dishonest.


The same people who went full bore into the #MeToo movement are also the ones who are now getting angry at people for not being on board with the sexualization of the women we saw on stage on Sunday night. They rage over the idea of women being relegated to sexual objects and treated with less than the utmost respect, especially when it comes to acknowledging their skills, talents, and minds.

Now they’re mad because we reject the idea of two nearly-nude women shaking their parts directly at a camera during a television event that had most of America’s families tuned in?

Which is it?

This is why keeping politics out of entertainment is crucial. We as a country showed up to watch something great for the whole family. Instead, we got preached to from hypocritical pulpits.


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