New Project Veritas Video Shows Warren Campaign Staff Don't Care About LGBT People As Advertised

SCREENSHOT: Project Veritas YouTube uploaded by Brandon

Another Project Veritas video, another exposé of 2020 Democratic campaign staffers presenting a side of themselves that many voters would be curious to know about. This time, Project Veritas turned their attention to none other than 3rd place runner Sen. Elizabeth Warren.


Warren has been making quite a large deal out of the LGBT community as of late and has given them special attention during her speeches. Especially when it comes to the transgender community, and telling everyone that trans murder was an epidemic, and even going so far as to vow to read the names of each trans person killed on the lawn of the White House every year.

This was refuted and debunked by Tucker Carlson. (READ: Tucker Carlson Masterfully Debunks the Transgender Murder “Epidemic” Myth)

She also said that trans “women” need to be put into prisons with other women and not with the men they biologically are.

However, if you go behind the curtain, you’ll find that the attitudes toward the LGBT community within the Warren campaign aren’t as rosy and cheery as you might believe.

Her Iowa field organizer, Angel Alicea, had little but bad things to say about the LGBT community when Project Veritas went undercover and filmed his candid thoughts for you to witness.

Over the course of the video, Alicea expresses his disdain for the trans community and considers them a distraction to Warren, who focuses more on them and less on things her voters actually care about.


Here are a few of the greatest hits according to Project Veritas:

Iowa Field Organizer, Warren Campaign, Angel Alicea: “At the End of the Day, We’ve Become the Party That Has Prioritized That (Gender Pronouns) Rather Than Putting Food on the Table for Working Families, and it’s Like, That’s Why We Lose.”

Angel Alicea: “I Got Called Out for not Having Those (Pronouns) on My Twitter Bio…So I Threw Them in There Just to Satisfy the Folks…It’s Identity Politics, and Again, I Get Called on it for Calling it That…” 

Angel Alicea Reveals Discomfort with Another Warren Staff Member More Prone to Identity Politics: “Paige Was Like: ‘You’re the Only Straight (Person) Here.’ I’m Like Who F**king Cares? I’m not Saying You’re the Only F**king Trans Here or Something…This is What the F**ing Trump People Utilize Against Us Because You (Paige) Say Dumb Sh*t Like That…Because I Like Women, You’re Going to Ostracize Me?”

Alicea: “I Had to Do a Diversity / Inclusion Training and I’m Like, ‘What Are You Going to Tell Me, You White Liberals, That I Don’t Already Know?’”

Alicea: “The Chair of the Stonewall Caucus, Which is Like the LGBTQ Caucus in the State – Which Has Very Little Credibility, Their Membership is Like Twenty or Thirty People…They Endorse Booker… Because Booker’s Team Was Like ‘Come Here’ with Open Arms Because They (Booker Campaign) Need Anything at This Point…The Main Point is They Endorsed Booker Because We Weren’t Gonna F**king Like, Lay Out a Red Carpet for Them (Stonewall Caucus)…They’re a Liability, Not an Asset in the Long-Term.”


I think LGBT voters would be very interested to hear what Alecia has to say, but more importantly, understand how Project Veritas plays the game.

Right now, they’ve only released on video and some may claim that this is an isolated event. However, PV has already teased their next video, and you can bet that you’ll see more proof that Warren’s campaign isn’t the campaign it says it is.



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